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"Man must rise above the Earth -- to the top of the atmosphere and beyond --

for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives."

                                                                                                      - Socrates


The Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology Research Unit (AACRU) explores and develops observational and theoretical facets of new physics. We are working in a number of collaborations that cross the globe, as well as building up in-house infrastructure for a broad range of disciplines such as supercomputing capacities and theoretical new physics.


Our group conducts research that spans a wide range of astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology, from the largest scales in the Universe to observational work on galaxies and even star formation. Work done by the individual members can be found in the members section however as a group our research focuses on:

  • Theories of Gravity

  • Quantum Gravity

  • Fundamental nature of the Parameters of the Universe

  • Modifying gravity theory through strong field tests using Pulsar and Black Holes

  • Probing the Dark Ages of the Universe

  • Particle Astrophysics

  • 21cm-Cosmology

  • The origin and Evolution of Cosmic Magnetism

  • The Cradle of Life and the search for Exoplanets

  • Star Formation

  • The Evolution of Galaxies and Large Scale Structure

  • N-body, Smoothed Particle MagnetoHydrodynamical simulation and visualization of large-body systems

  • Real-time High performance computing on heterogeneous architectures, including use of FPGA, GPUs and hybrid systems

  • Instrument and Detector design (from 100MHz to 10 GHz)

  • Machine learning for astrophysics


For more details, please visit the research programme's webpage.  




FICT Exhibition 2019 Form

Please click here to download the FICT Exhibition form for 2019. 

THE FICT Exhibition 2019 will be held on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th July 2019.

Academic Advisors 2018/9


Academic Advisors for ICT 1st year students (Intake 2018/9), NOW available

Faculty of ICT Timetables


ICT Timetables are available from Here.

Health and Safety Regulations for Labs Form

The Faculty of ICT Health and Safety Regulations for Laboratories form can be found here


Digital Opportunity Traineeship


Are you a company working with cybersecurity, big data, quantum technology, machine learning or digital marketing? Offer a Digital Opportunity Traineeship

Test Island Conference

Test Island Conference (, Malta's first conference on Software Testing, jam-packed with high-profile international speakers, will be held on 30th August 2019. Dr Mark Micallef from the Faculty of ICT will be delivering the keynote speech. Click here for more information. 

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