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The Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, although still relatively very young, is proud to boast a tradition of well established research activity. This page is dedicated to the first PhD awarded by the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology to Dr. Ing. Reuben Farrugia.

Dr. Ing. Reuben Farrugia has investigated the vulnerability of state of the art video codecs such as H.264/AVC when transmitted over wireless channels. During his Doctorate dissertation he has designed a novel decoder-based error-resilient strategy to improve the robustness of video against transmission errors. The designed method first exploits the residual source redundancy left by the standard encoder after compression to recover the corrupted video content. The video frames which are not corrected are then passed through an error detection mechanism which adopts Artificial Intelligence to detect and localize the visually impaired regions to be restored. The designed method manages to provide a significant gain in video quality without any additional demand in bandwidth and a marginal increase in decoder complexity.

Dr. Ing. Reuben Farrugia, who graduated in November 2009, was supervised by Dr. Ing. Carl James Debono, Department of Communications and Computer Engineering, Faculty of ICT, University of Malta.








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