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By Monday 11th January 2016:

  • Students will be requested to submit a Progress Report, according to procedures as established by the BOS in electronic and paper form at the department’s office (i.e. department of computer information systems). Progress report needs to be approved by supervisor (first in case of co-supervisors).


    By Monday 18th April 2016:

    • Final opportunity for students to submit requests for changes in Final Year Project titles. All requests for changes in Final Year Project titles need to be accompanied by a recommendation of the supervisor (i.e. sole or first) prior to submission to departmental offices. No further changes in titles will be approved after this date.

      The maximum page count for write-ups is capped and this capping is only waived if permission is requested and justified prior to this date. The BOS decides on request and if approved alternative instructions are given.


    Wednesday 4th May 2016:

    • Students should have already started to submit first drafts of their dissertation chapters directly to their respective supervisors for feedback and corrections. Arrangements for the submission of these drafts are to be handled and arranged between the supervisor and the student.


    Monday 16th May 2016:

    • Deadline by which supervisor(s) should have given his/their feedback on first draft.


    Monday 30th May 2016:

    • This is the submission date for thesis and related material (e.g. research paper). Students to submit 3 (Three) spiral bound copies and 3 (Three) CDs of accompanying their Final Year Project to the department’s administration (which must include electronic version of all paper submissions).  



    • Submission of abstract for ICT Exhibition Brochure.


    Friday 10th June 2016:

    • Submission of 3 (three) copies of the spiral bound Review Report. Students to submit 3 (Three) spiral bound copies and 3 (Three) CDs of their Review Report to the department’s administration (which must include electronic version of all paper submissions).  


    Friday 17th June 2016, Saturday 18th June 2016, Monday 20th June 2016 and Tuesday 21st June 2016:

    • Final Year Project Presentations and Demonstrations carried out according to procedures and format deemed effective by the BOS. Students are urged to test their set-up a day before allotted time. The oral presentation will be composed of:

      A presentation session lasting not more than 5 minutes in which students will be expected to summarise the contributions of the dissertation, using their poster if so desired.

      An interactive question and answer session with the Board of Examiners to discuss in more detail the work of the student, not lasting more than 20 minutes maximum. 


    Sunday 3rd July 2016 to Thursday 7th July 2016:

    • External Examiners Visit.

      As per Regulation 20 (2) (c), whenever deemed necessary, external examiners may moderate the results and/or recommend changes to unpublished marks of all compulsory final year study-units assessed at the end of the last semester, including the dissertation study-unit when one is required.

      Therefore students are required to be on call, in case external examiners wish to meet with them and evaluate issues associated to their dissertation.


    Thursday 7th July 2016 to Friday 8th July 2016:

    • ICT Final Year Project Exhibition & Workshop in ICT 2016



    • Submission of Hard Bound copies.

      As per regulation 84 of the General Regulations for University Undergraduate Awards, 2004, two hard bound copies of the dissertation to the Faculty (Three hard bound copies in case there is also co-supervision), and one electronic version for the University Library (which shall include a signed declaration of authenticity) need to be submitted. The electronic version must conform to the standards set by the University of Malta Library. 

      Before producing the Hard Bound copies, through their respective supervisor(s), students are asked to ensure that there are no nominal changes proposed by the Board of Examiners. 

      All submissions are to be carried out STRICTLY BY NOON to the departmental office.



    Study-unit Registration Forms 2017/8


    For Undergraduate (Day) and Postgraduate students.


    Faculty of ICT Timetables


    ICT Timetables are available from Here.

    Health and Safety Regulations for Laboratories Form

    The Faculty of ICT Health and Safety Regulations for Laboratories form can be found here


    13th Edition of EY’s Annual Attractiveness Event




    The 13th Edition of EY’s Annual Attractiveness event will be held on 25th October 2017 at the InterContinental Hotel,

    St. Julians. It is titled "Thinking without the box: disruption, technology and FDI".


    The  students' invitation and more information can be found here

    The conference programme can be found here


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