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Friday 5th May 2017:

  • The first approved Final Year Project titles and Areas of Interest will be made available online. Students are adviced to regularly check the project proposals section for any updates.


Monday 8th May 2017:

  • The chairman of the Board of Studies or his delegate will be meeting 2nd year students enrolled for the B.Sc. I.T. (Hons.) in Artificial Intelligence degree, to explain the FYP registration procedure(s).

    This FYP information session will be held between 09:00am and 10:00am in the ICT Teaching Laboratory (Room 1, Level -1, Block B, ICT Building). Students are encouraged to make their utmost to attend.


Between Monday 15th May 2017 and Wednesday 31st May 2017:

  • Submissions of project proposals / agreement forms by students.

    Before Final Year project titles and areas of interest are made available online and during this time frame, students are ALLOWED to approach lecturers to discuss any ideas regarding any Final Year project titles that they might have.

    Project proposals and any agreement arrangements are to be recorded and submitted through the agreement form, and accompanied by the apposite project description form. 


By Wednesday 14th June 2017:

  • Students will be officially notified on the Board of Studies' decision regarding the submitted project proposals / agreement forms. Further details on any requested action will be communicated in due course.


By Thursday 14th December 2017:

  • Students to forward an electronic copy of their Progress Report (in PDF format) via email. 

  • This deliverable should be forwarded via email to Ms Francelle Scicluna (



  • Final call for students to submit requests for changes in Final Year Project titles. All requests are to be forwarded via email to Ms Francelle Scicluna (

    Administrative staff will ask for recommendations from respective supervisors, prior to submission to the Board of Studies for its consideration and endorsement

    No further changes in titles will be approved after this date. 


Friday 4th May 2018:

  • Students should have already started to submit first drafts of their dissertation chapters directly to their respective supervisors for feedback and corrections. Arrangements for the submission of these drafts are to be handled and arranged between the supervisor and the student.


Friday 18th May 2018:

  • Deadline by which supervisor(s) should have given his/their feedback on first draft.


Tuesday 31st May 2018:

  • Three (3) spiral bound copies of the Final Year Project Documentation are to be submitted to Ms Francelle Scicluna (Room 4, Level 1, Block A, ICT Building). 

  • Students may also be asked to submit an electronic copy to Moodle.

  • Assessment takes place on the basis of the contents of the spiral-bound copy and any accompanying material. Any. final artefacts, documents, source code, an electronic version of the report itself, etc.. should be included as a Disc with every spiral-bound copy submitted.


  • Submission of abstract for ICT Exhibition Brochure.


Friday 8th June 2018:

  • Three (3) copies of the Review Report are to be submitted either to Ms Francelle Scicluna (Room 4, Level 1, Block A, ICT Building).

  • An electronic copy of the report (in PDF Format) should also be forwarded via email (

  • Students may also be asked to submit an electronic copy to Moodle.


Friday 15th June 2018:

  • Submission of a Poster strictly by NOON. This poster will be exhibited during the annual ICT Exhibition.

  • Posters are to be submitted to Ms Francelle Scicluna (Room 4, Level 1, Block A, ICT Building).

Between Tuesday 19th June 2018 and Wednesday 20th June 2018:

  • Final Year Project Presentation / Demonstration sessions. A detailed schedule will be made available in due course.


Monday 2nd July till Thursday 5th July 2018:

  • External Examiners Visit.

    As per Regulation 20 (2) (c), whenever deemed necessary, external examiners may moderate the results and/or recommend changes to unpublished marks of all compulsory final year study-units assessed at the end of the last semester, including the dissertation study-unit when one is required.

    Therefore students are required to be on call, in case external examiners wish to meet with them and evaluate issues associated to their dissertation.


Thursday 12th and Friday 13th July 2018:

  • FICTeX 2018: The Students' Annual Project Exhibition


Friday 27th July 2018:

  • Submission of Hard Bound copies.

    As per regulation 84 of the General Regulations for University Undergraduate Awards, 2004, two hard bound copies of the dissertation to the Faculty (Three hard bound copies in case there is also co-supervision), and one electronic version for the University Library (which shall include a signed declaration of authenticity) need to be submitted. The electronic version must conform to the standards set by the University of Malta Library. 

    Before producing the Hard Bound copies, through their respective supervisor(s), students are asked to ensure that there are no nominal changes proposed by the Board of Examiners. 

    All submissions are to be carried out STRICTLY BY NOON through Ms Francelle Scicluna (Room 4, Level 1, Block A, ICT Building).


N.B. During Preliminary Stage, Lecturers are NOT obliged to discuss or to hold contact hours with their allocated Final Year Project students during the Summer Period Recess. 


Faculty of ICT Timetables


ICT Timetables are available from Here.

Health and Safety Regulations for Labs Form

The Faculty of ICT Health and Safety Regulations for Laboratories form can be found here


Last Updated: 19 June 2018

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