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  • Collaboration with Vodafonevoda
TitleReal-time Adaptive Virtual Reality for Pain Reduction
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Brief DescriptionVirtual Reality has been proven to be an effective tool in helping patients cope with pain through distraction. Past studies have shown that patients who made use of Virtual Reality reported drops in pain scores of as much as 50%. However, what has already been implemented often assumes a one size fits all approach which introduces a risk in that the technology might not be suitable for all patients or that the method of therapy using VR might not be as effective across different patient groups. This research therefore looks at tackling these risks. Through the use of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence we will provide patients with a game that is able to adapt to the patient’s affective state in real time. We are combining three concepts synonymous with Artificial Intelligence; Affective Computing, Serious Games and Virtual Reality. The aim is to provide patients with an adaptive game that is able to react to human emotions, to keep the patient constantly engaged with what is happening in the game thus making it less likely that attention will shift to the pain symptoms one would normally feel.
Researchers: Prof. Alexiei Dingli, Luca Bondin
Further Notes: The project also has the backing of the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Hospital (SAMOC), and has also received backing from the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab.
  • Collaboration with STst
Title: Intelligent Digital Twin project.
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Brief description: This project aims to provide a high-level intelligent solution to enhance the processes and operations of STMicroelectronics manufacturing facilities and factories. In these days, manufacturers are in a desperate need to rethink about the current statistics maturity, the productivity levels, and the product lifecycles. More than any time before, the researchers at the University of Malta, Department of Artificial Intelligence, strongly believe that it is a high time to explore new areas, and ways of doing things, that can lead to smarter, more developed, and more efficient production processes and operations. “The intelligent system we are currently working on to develop will be imperative to all manufacturing companies to enhance their processes today” said Mr. Foaad Haddod. “The system will re-shape all the current designed manufacturing systems” said Prof. Alexiei Dingli.
Researchers: Prof Alexiei Dingli, Foaad Haddod (Support Officer)




























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