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"The AI degree has bestowed upon me the knowledge I need to tackle any problem within the ICT industry."
Matthew Muscat (B.Sc. ICT Hons. in AI, 2015)
"The BSc. in IT - Artificial Intelligence helped me rationalise and understand the world of tomorrow. A multidisciplinary approach between mathematics, computer science and artificial intelligence provided a broad understanding of the computational field and illustrated both current and futuristic trends. The course also provided solid foundations for further research in the academic field."
Nicholas Mifsud (B.Sc. ICT Hons. in AI, 2015)

"The course was a great first step into the world of AI ; presenting many popular technologies and algorithms, all the while being an enjoyable experience." 

Edward Bamber (B.Sc. ICT Hons. in AI, 2015)

"This three-year Artificial Intelligence (AI) course has been a very rewarding experience for me and has lead me to continue pursuing a career in Digital Games. Being an applied science, studying AI is not just about learning and proving theories; it very much involves performing practical tasks using the knowledge learnt about emulating intelligent reasoning in order to solve real world problems. Moreover, AI can be applied to almost any other discipline out there (e.g., Digital Games, Medicine and Engineering) while still being a very novel field of study, meaning that the future after obtaining the degree is surprisingly vast and promising."
Elizabeth Camilleri (B.Sc. ICT Hons. in AI, 2015)

"Throughout this course I learnt how to apply the theoretical side of artificial intelligence to the real world domain, which shows the practicality of this degree. You learn how to tackle real world problems." 

Alexei De Bono (B.Sc. ICT Hons. in AI, 2015)

Academic Advisors 2018/9


Academic Advisors for ICT 1st year students (Intake 2018/9), NOW available

Faculty of ICT Timetables


ICT Timetables are available from Here.

Health and Safety Regulations for Labs Form

The Faculty of ICT Health and Safety Regulations for Laboratories form can be found here


Digital Opportunity Traineeship


Are you a company working with cybersecurity, big data, quantum technology, machine learning or digital marketing? Offer a Digital Opportunity Traineeship

Test Island Conference

Test Island Conference (, Malta's first conference on Software Testing, jam-packed with high-profile international speakers, will be held on 30th August 2019. Dr Mark Micallef from the Faculty of ICT will be delivering the keynote speech. Click here for more information. 

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