M.Sc. AI short courses

The industry of IT and Artificial Intelligence has such a fast-paced growth that it might seem hard to catch up! This is why we decided to offer all the study units from our M.Sc. A.I. as short courses. These courses allow you to pick those particular areas in AI where you would like to gain more knowledge. It is entirely up to you how many study units to take up per semester (up to a maximum of 3).


The advantage is that these study units are transferrable to the M.Sc. AI degree. So this is a perfect path if you would like to supplement your knowledge and expertise in AI but at the same time, you are not ready to commit 100% to an MSc degree. Our courses are interesting and provide the right balance between theory and practice.


For an overview of our short courses, have a look at the list of study-units offered as part of our Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence.


Applicants ought to submit their application, from here, as NEW USERS. A maximum of three (3) study-units can be chosen, and deadline is 31st January 2023.