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Following feedback about LarvaLight that it involves lots of text insertion without any precompilation syntax checking support, an experimental version based on an Java-embedded DSL has been created. As a small example, a finite state automaton's transitions on some event "open account" would look as follows:

ON("open account")

               .ARC("start", "opened")

               .ARC("opened", "unknown state")

If you'd like to experiment with it, please use the links below to download. 

License and disclaimers:

1) The tool is an academic prototype and comes with no guarantees!

2) It is free to experimentation and academic use but not for commercial gain.

3) In case of bugs please contact me on

4) The tool is not thread safe (yet), i.e. it might exhibit unexpected behaviour when run inside multi-threaded systems.

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Last Updated: 2 October 2018

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