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[The code shown in the screenshots below can be downloaded from here]


Screenshot 1 - An example of a single basic rule  

The rule below checks that after a withdrawal, the balance never goes below zero.

The console shows the output of running a faulty implementation which allows the balance to go below zero.  

basic rule example


 Screenshot 2 - An example of a rule taking time into consideration

The check below asserts that at least there is a three second duration between subsequent failed login attempts. 

an example of a rule with time 


Screenshot 3 - A time-triggered rule 

 The rule checks that there is no five-second period during which there is no activity. Note how the last event is timer-based, i.e. it fires upon the elapsing of 5 seconds.

time-triggered rule 


Screenshot 4 - A finite state machine example 

 The finite state machine below checks the log in logic of the system. Note that it is completely up to the user to decide the level of abstract the checking goes into.

 fsm example


Screenshot 5 - A regular expression

Using the regular expression below, we show how the lifecycle of a bank session can be captured very succinctly. 

 regular expression example


Screenshot 6 - JUnit with monitor annotations 

Complementing typical assertions, monitors can provide extra power to capture checks easily across your tests. 

 junit example with annotations


Screenshot 7 - Managing multiple monitors 

 To make it easier to handle a number of monitors, LarvaLight provide the Oracle class - essentially a collection of monitors which can be started, reset, or disposed all at once.

junit example with oracle 

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Last Updated: 7 March 2014

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