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Abela Adrian LAMIR: Localised Adaptable / Adaptive Mobile Information Retrieval

Aquilina Gertrude May
APQRM - An Automatic Personalised Query Modifier 
Aquilina Michael  Automated Road Centerline, Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Imagery 
Attard Andrew  A Functional Point Oriented Framework for Complexity Measurement and Estimation 
Attard Judie White Cane Device - A Mobile Assistant for Visually Challenged People 
Bartolo Michelle  Using Evidence from Delicious to Improve Web-Based Search Results
Borda Aimee Using a Generic Cloud for Heterogeneous Programming
Borg Diane Artificial Coach 
Borg Leanne 3D Face Recognition using Low Resolution Imagery
Bugeja Sylvia Automated and Adaptive iNotifyWeb Candidate Web Page Identification
Buhagiar Olaf Dean A Recommender System Enhanced through a Social Networking Site
Cachia Daniela Automated Sunspot Classification using Machine Learning Techniques 
Cauchi Joseph Urban Pedestrian Simulation 
Cini Clare Assessing the Impact of Model Driven Development on Secure Software Development
Colombo Joseph Mapping Channel - Based Message passing to Mailbox. Message Passing in Erlang
Copperstone Jonathan  An Intelligent Tutoring System using Bayesian Network and Content Based Recommendation  
 Crocker Graham Paul Hand Gesture Recognition for HCI
Cutajar Simon Paul   Information Extraction over the Internet for a Dynamic Game  
 Debattista Jeremy Bizzilla: A Collaborative Task Management Environment with Expert Finding 
 Debono Michael  A Picalculus to Erlang Compilers  
 Dimech Claire Scalable Runtime Monitoring of Radio Telescope Signals 
Falzon Nathaneal  The Development of a Traffic Sign Recognition System 
 Farrugia Audrianne  Towards Formalising Erlang Failure and Failure Detection  
Farrugia Giulio   A Framework for the Creation and Execution of Location - Based Story - Telling Game 
Farrugia Kurt 3D Information Extraction from Monocular Images
Farrugia Manoel  Dynamic Mock - Generation System for Integration Testing
 Gatt Benjie C-FORCE: Clustering Stellar Formations in Galaxy Evolution Simulations 
 Gatt Maurizio  Software Security Vulnerability Analysis within a Server Environment 
 Gatt Rudolph  ELARVA: Runtime Verification for Message Passing Concurrency   
 Gauci Rodney DIBL: Dynamic Image Based Lighting  
Grech Tyrone  Virtual Marionette Simulation 
 Lia Stefan Home Butler - Creating a Virtual Companion  
 Mangion Andy  Distributed and Highly Available Key Value Stores: Analysis and Variations  
 Mifsud Christian   Fuzzy Proximity Estimation by Opportunistic use of Wi-Fi and GSM Fingerprints
 Mifsud Francesco Auditing Intrusion Threats targeting Window-based Workstations 
 Pilyugin Oleksiy  MIPOGS: Massive Interactive Peer-to-Peer Online Game System  
Refalo Maria   Tweetalyster: A Twitter Based Data Mining System with Recommendation Capabilities  
Said Andrew Joseph   Generation 3D Models from 2D Images  
 Sammut Reuben  Location Based Reminder iPhone Application Development  
 Sant Matthew  ESCSite: A System for the Automatic Extraction, Clustering and Summarization of Citation  
 Seychell Aldrin  Integrated Traffic Management System (ITaMS)
 Tanti Alex Automated Identification of Plots and Story Structure in Unstructured Documents 
Vassallo Michael   Automated Model - Based Testing for Web Applications  
Vella Edward   Path Finding and Collision Avoidance in a Multi-Agent System  
 Young Lisa Jane  Gift Finder: A Web 2.0 Recommendation System using Mobile Technologies  
 Zammit Mandy Predictive Recommender for Day  Planning
Zammit Veronica  Implementing Proof Systems for the Intuitionistic Propositional Logic  
 Zerafa Tyron Reliable File Backup System over P2P Architecture  
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