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Name of StudentFinal Year Project Title 

Agius SaviourProviding Suitable Suggestions from Analogues Questions in On-line Q&A Communities 
Attard Jean Paul 3D Environment Generation using Volume-Based Techniques 
Azzopardi Matthew Race Anywhere - A markerless augmented reality racing game 
Baldacchino Sergio Face Detection for Android Smartphone Applications 
Borg David A black-box, Code-injection Prevention Mechanism for COTs Applications 
Cachia Mark Anthony Investigating Ways to make Mutation testing Feasible in Agile Environments 
Calleja Justin Synchronous and Asynchronous Monitoring in ELARVA 
Callus Thorsten Child Abuse Image Database 
Camilleri Erica Machine Learning Techniques in Chorale Harmonisation 
Cassar JeffreyEmploying Image Recognition in an Emergency Situation 
Catania John Real-Time Adaptive Traffic Light Management System 
Cefai Jacqueline Green-IT! (GiT)
Cini Shirley Web Page Analysis
Cutajar Brendan Implementing Code on Domain with Erlang 
Ellul Pirotta Alan Path Tracing using Heterogeneous Computing 
Farrugia Jean LucHazard Avoidance Auto Control System for a Robotic Vehicle 
Farrugia Vincent Emmanuel SCENARIO: Setting Crowd Events using Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence 
Galea Kristian A web browser History Indexing and Retrieval System Based on Named Entity Co-reference Resolution Within and Across Documents 
Gauci Rachel Maria A Framework for Evaluation ICA Methods for the Extraction of Red-Shifted 21cm Hydrogen Line  
Grima Ian Counter Example Shrinking for ELARVA 
Grixti Clarissa Cheating at Testing - A gaming metaphor for system testing 
Massini Joseph Runtime Verification of Distributed Systems 
Mizzi Marina Visualisation of Relatedness 
Pace Spadaro Stephen Develop AI agents on a Unity game Platform 
Ritchie Steve Identification of User Influence on Social Network 
Saliba Justin a TOUR Guide Implementation Based on Different Crowd Levels 
Scerri Darren Analysing Input in Dialogue System 
 Spiteri Elise Anne Monitoring as an Instance of Behaviour in Erlang 
Spiteri Mark 

3D Visualisation of Software Metrics 

Tanti Erica A study on the Context-Specific Nature of Actionable Alert Identification 
Vella Clive Search Engine Trend Forecasting 
Vella LukeSmart Visual Assistant 
Zammit Matthew Cross Document Conference Resolution and Disambiguation for Named Entities in User Web History Documents 
Zarb Glenn Markerless Localisation and Path Planning for the Visually Impaired 
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THE FICT Exhibition 2019 will be held on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th July 2019.

Academic Advisors 2018/9


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Test Island Conference

Test Island Conference (, Malta's first conference on Software Testing, jam-packed with high-profile international speakers, will be held on 30th August 2019. Dr Mark Micallef from the Faculty of ICT will be delivering the keynote speech. Click here for more information. 

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