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Lounge-Around to avoid Lounging Around

This is the third consecutive year in which the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at the University of Malta has held its annual informal meet-your-potential-tutors-and-staff event commonly referred to as the “Lounge-Around”. This year’s Lounge-Around event was held on the 17th of July, between 10:00 and 12:00. Notably, this year’s event embodied additional intent and meaning, due to the fact, that as of this academic year (2012/13) the Faculty will be launching a set of five new, restructured and updated Degree programmes covering the whole spectrum of ICT skills to replace the existing ones. The event was also attended by representatives from local industry, the National eSkills Alliance, as well as representatives from the Malta IT Agency (MITA), our ICT Student Association (ICTSA), and the University Student Advisory Office. Both the Alliance and MITA were the main sponsors of this event.

Due to unavoidable realities, the new Degree programmes could only be finalised one of two days before the event. Therefore, together with a more formal and comprehensive presentation of the new programmes to potential students held in early July before the actual annual Lounge-Around event, this year’s event took on the added responsibility of acting as a more frank and friendly Q&A and general information session for all those who attended. Following the organisational help of the Faculty’s dedicated administrative Faculty staff, and ICTSA, the event was held in the Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) Common Room on the University Msida Campus, and not surprisingly, attendance was remarkable. Potential students were seen to drift from one lecturer to another asking questions and seeking advice, and interacting with administrative staff for procedural explanation, in a very laid-back atmosphere with background music and refreshments. Owing to the launch of the new programmes, this year’s event had a dual objective; the first, as always, to provide potential students with a very relaxed and informal environment in which they can mingle with lecturers and ask anything they wish regarding courses, procedure, career possibilities, clarifications, personal misgivings, course content, etc., the second (especially this year) to provide more support to students when choosing a Degree programme from the new offerings. The Faculty’s programmes, always projected to the highest quality, have established recognition amongst many prestigious international Universities, as witnessed by the comments of several External Examiners who visit our Faculty annually and report on the quality of our graduates based on their academic achievement, as well as the critical remarks of employers, both local and international. The Faculty’s programmes have also proven themselves to be a very valid platform for students who wish to further their studies in post-graduate courses at the University of Malta, or abroad.

As the Faculty’s new Degree programmes had only just been finalised, they had not yet been placed on-line for potential students to browse through the University Course Finder site, or for them (the programmes) to be included in the existing University Prospectus, this translated to a few quite hectic and immersive hours for the lecturers present at the Lounge-Around event. All new programmes are now available on-line (visit and select the Faculty of ICT from the appropriate dropdown list), including detailed course content. One must thank the vast majority of lecturers in the Faculty of ICT, who populated the event taking time out from their personal busy schedules. Thanks also go to the KSU for allowing us to use their Common Room, and to ICTSA for their help.

The Faculty of ICT is accepting late applications, over and above the University’s extended August deadline, until a further extended date of September 14th. We look forward to meet and greet all our new students this October at the start of an exciting new stage in their life.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Faculty Office on 23402530, or




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