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WICT08 Conference Programme

Program Day 1 ( Monday, 17th November)


Time             Event


08:30    Networking Coffee


09:00    Introduction


09:05    Speech by Rector


09:15    Speech by Dean            


09:25    Keynote speaker Microsoft         


10:05    Matthew Pulis and Maria Attard


            Exploring the shortest route options: Applying Environmental Indicators to Calculating Shortest Route


10:15    Ernest Cachia and Mark Micallef

            Information Driven SDLC Concepts  


10:25    Chris Staff

            Boosting Bookmark Category Web Page Classification Accuracy using Multiple Clustering Approaches


10:35    Hosted Poster Session - GO


11:25    Sponsor Talk – Smart City Malta


11:50    Christopher Mangion and Kenneth Camilleri

            An Investigation on Server-Side Object-Scene Recognition Performance using Coarse Location Information and Camera Phone-captured Images


12:00    Andrew Portelli and Adrian Muscat

            A Swarm Intelligence Based Routing Protocol for Decentralised Cognitive Mobile Radio Networks


12:10    Abigail Cauchi, Gordon J. Pace and Sandro Spina

            Model Checking User Interfaces


12:20    Claudia Borg and Gordon J. Pace

            Automatic Definition Extraction using Parser Combinator


12:30    Karl Fenech and Kevin Vella

            Parallel Processing over a Peer-to-Peer Network        


12:40    Networking Lunch


13:30    Sponsor Talk - Microsoft


13:45    Keynote speaker Google


14:25    Luana Micallef and Gordon J. Pace

            An Embedded Domain Specific Language to Model, Transform and Quality Assure Business Processes in Business-Driven Development                

14:35    Gordon J. Pace, Gerardo Schneider and Christian Colombo

            A practical approach to runtime verification of real-time properties for Java programs                                 

14:45    Sponsor Talk - MITC


15:00    Hosted Poster Session - MITTS


15:50    Sponsor Talk - Ericsson


16:05    Anthony Psaila and Paul Micallef

            Building an Automatic Speech Annotation System


16:15    Lin Li and Kevin Vella

            Fast User-Level Inter-thread Communication and Synchronisation


16:25    Sandro Spina

            Real-time Rendering using Saliency Maps     


16:35    Stephen Fenech, Gordon J. Pace and Gerardo Schneider

            Verification of Conflict Free Contracts

16:45    Pasquale Malacaria and Fabrizio Smeraldi

            On Adaboost and Optimal Betting Strategies


16:55    Christian Tabone and Gordon J. Pace

            Meta-Functional Languages for Hardware Design and Verification


17:05    Sponsor Talk - Computime


17:20    Closing Message


17:25    End of session   

Program Day 2 ( Tuesday, 18th November)


Time             Event                             

08:30    Networking Coffee


09:00    Introduction                  


09:05    Keynote speaker - SUN Microsystems


09:45    Nicholas Paul Borg and Carl James Debono

               An FPGA Implementation of an Adaptive Data Reduction Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks


09:55    Davide Catania and Saviour Zammit

            Video Streaming over Bluetooth        


10:05    Tanya Chetcuti and Alexiei Dingli

            Using Hidden Markov Models in Credit Card Transaction Fraud Detection


10:15    Kristian Cini and Saviour Zammit

            MIMO Mesh Systems


10:25    George Azzopardi and Kenneth P. Camilleri

            Offline Handwritten Signature Verification using Radial Basis Function Neural Networks


10:35    Hosted Poster Session - Microsoft


11:25    Sponsor Talk - GO


11:40    Vanessa Camilleri and Matthew Montebello

            ARieL: Augmented Reality in interactive e-Learning


11:50    Adrian Muscat and Clayton Tabone

            On the performance of modified flooding algorithms in an infrastructure-less time-varying radio short messaging network                     


12:00    Joseph Zammit and Adrian Muscat

            Design and Configuration Techniques of a Low-Profile Re-configurable Antenna for a Cognitive Radio System


12:10    Marco Desira and Kenneth P Camilleri

            Handwritten signature verification by Independent Component Analysis


12:20    Adrian Muscat and Maria Kathleen Ellul

            Computer modelling and simulation of a Smart Water Heater


12:30    Brian E. Cauchi

            PC-based V.22bis data-scope with native soft-modem implementation                                


12:40    Networking Lunch                      


13:30    Sponsor Talk - MITTS


13:45    Dorian Bugeja

            Cracking, The Anti


13:55    Ian Buhagiar and Paul Micallef

            Web Based Maltese Language Text to Speech Synthesiser


14:05    Alex Farrugia and Mike Rosner

            Learning Computational Morphology          


14:15    Hein Chetcuti

            ERP Implementation: A Multi-Stakeholder Analysis of Critical Success Factors


14:25    Mark Chetcuti and Alexiei Dingli

            Exploiting Social Networks for Image Indexing


14:35    Claudia Borg, Mike Rosner and Gordon J. Pace

            Definition Characterisation through Genetic Algorithms

14:45    Michael Bonello and Ernest Cachia

            A Software Development Framework for Hardware Centric Applications – An Architectural Perspective


14:55    Sponsor Talk – People and Co. Limited


15:10    Hosted Poster Session - MITC


16:00    Discussion Panel

            Boosting R&D: Universities and Industry, the road ahead ...


16:45    Closing Speech by Hon. Minister A. Gatt


17:00    Closing Message


17:10    End of session

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