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Academic Years

2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/112011/12, 2013/142015/162016/17, 2017/18


Ended in Academic Year 2008/09

  • Iffat Naila

Ended in Academic Year 2009/10

  • Bhargava Pranesh
  • Haque Nafid (A Prototype Framework for a Bangla Question Answering System Using Translation Based on Transliteration and Table-lookup as an Interface to the Medical Domain)

Ended in Academic Year 2010/11

  • Elahi Mohammed Fazleh (An Examination of Cross - Cultural Similarities and Differences from Social Media Data with Respect to Language Use)
  • Gebremeskel Gebrekirstos (Sentiment Analysis of News Comments)
  • Jawaid Bushra (Statistical Machine Translation between Languages with Significant Word Order Differences)
  • Kudeykina Olga (Acquisition of impersonal constructions in L2 Russian)
  • Ma Jianqiang (N-Gram Feature Generation for Conditional Random Fields Based Chinese Word Segmentation)
  • Zenghan Hua (Assessing the Credibility of Wikipedia Articles)


Ended in Academic Year 2011/12

  • Bogart Zoe (Don't Let's Try to Break it Down - Teasing Apart Lexical Chunks)
  • Freigang Farina (Miller`s Limitation of the Processing Capacity from the Production Side with Speech - Structural Differences in Spontaneous Compared to Read-Out Speech)
  • Gyawali Bikash (Answering Factoid Questions via Ontologies - A Natural Language Generation Approach)
  • Henselmans Daan (Natural Language Generation of Tense and Aspect in a Narrative Context)
  • Ihsani Annisa (Automatic Induction of Background Knowledge Axioms noising Textual Entailment)
  • Kamran Amir (Hybird Machine Translation Approaches for Low-Resources Languages)
  • Koleva Mariya Stoyanova (Adaptation of NLP Tools for Closely - Related Languages)
  • Narayan Shashi (RTG Based Surface Realisation from Dependency Representation)
  • Prodanovic Srdjan (Word Sense Disambiguation on Prague Dependency Treebank)
  • Shantharam Madhyastha Pranava Swaroop (Exploring Higher Order Dependency Parsers)
  • Stanojevic Milos (Large - scale Discriminative Training for Machine Translation into Morphologically - Rich Languages)


Ended in Academic Year 2013/14

  • Gella Spandana (Word Usages and Patterns in Social Media)
  • Maskharashvili Aleksandre (On Contracting Symbols and their Application in Georgian and in some other Languages)
  • Negi Sapna (Using Distributional Knowledge for Sentiment Analysis)
  • Valeeva Marina (Annotation of Factors of Linguistic Quality for Multi-Document Summarisation)

Ended in Academic Year 2015/16

  • Antionio F.  Garcia Sevilla (An online Collaborative Platform for the Development of Empirical Grammars)
  • Anastasia Shimorina (Generating Stories from Different Event Orders: A Statistical Approach)
  • Anastasiia Tsukanova (Coarticulation Model for Articulatory Synthesis)


Ended in Academic Year 2016/17

  • Ngoc-Quan Pham (Convolutional Neural Network Language Models)
  • Ionut-Teodor Sorodoc (Learning to Quantify from Images)
  • Aitor Martinez Egurcegui (The Role of Pitch Contour in the Categorization of Emotional Speech)


Ended in Academic Year 2017/18

  • Aina Gari Soler (Modelling Differences between Near-Synonyms and its Application to Paraphrasing with Formality)
  • Hua Vu Trong (Grounding Natural Language Inference on Images)
  • Isolde Van Dorst (Thee, Thou and you: A Statistical Analysis of Shakespeare’s use of Pronominal Address Term)
  • Carlos Fernando Diez Sanchez (Automatic Correction and Enrichment of Multilingual Proposition Banks for Semantic Role Labeling)
  • Liqin Zhang (A more Sensitive edit Distance for Measuring Pronunciation Distances and Detecting Loanwards)


Last Updated: 20 December 2018

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