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 Master of Science in
Human Language Science and Technology


The programme has been designed to meet the demands of industry and research in a rapidly growing area and offers education and training opportunities for the next generations of leaders in research and innovation. It provides students with profound knowledge and insight into the wide range of disciplines that contribute to the methods of language and communication technologies and it strengthens their ability to work scientifically. Moreover, students acquire a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge by choosing appropriate combinations of modules in the areas of Language Technology, Linguistics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

The programme involves studying one year at one of the universities of the consortium and completing the second year with a stay in one of the partner universities. After this, the student will obtain two Masters level degrees with legal value in the countries of issue.

Full details of the study-units taught under the programme are available through the University of Malta's Course Finder.

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Regulations and bye-laws change over time, so it is important to know which regulations apply to you. In general, it is those which are in force October of your first year - even if that is spent in the partner University. You may also find that the year of the regulations may not match the year of your first year October registration. For example, a student registering in October 2009 will fall under the 2008 regulations. If you are in any doubt about this please seek the advice of the local coordinator.




Semester Dates

Semester normally starts close to the 1st October. For the official dates see here under "key dates", then "semester dates". It is recommended that students arrive one week before the beginning of semester. Orientation activities are usually organised during this period.



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