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METANET4U_logo is a European project aimed at supporting language technology for European languages and multilingualism.

It is a project in the META-NET Network of Excellence, a cluster of projects aimed at fostering the mission of META.

META is the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance, dedicated to building the technological foundations of a multilingual European information society. 


The central objective of the METANET4U project is to contribute to the establishment of a pan-European digital platform that makes available language resources and services, encompassing both datasets and software tools, for speech and language processing, and supports a new generation of exchange facilities for them.

This central objective is articulated in terms of the following main goals:

  • assessment: to collect, organise and disseminate information that permits to have an updated insight into the current status and the potential of language related activities, for each of the national and/or language communities represented in the project. This consists of organising and providing a description of: language usage and its economic dimensions, language technologies and resources, products and services, main actors in different areas, including research, industry, government and society in general, public policies and programmes, prevailing standards and practices, current level of development, main drivers and roadblocks, etc.
  • collection: to assemble and prepare language resources for distribution. This goal comprises collecting language resources, documenting these language resources, upgrading them to agreed standards and guidelines, linking and cross-lingual aligning them where appropriate
  • distribution: to distribute the assembled language resources through exchange facilities that can be used by language researchers, developers and professionals. This involves collaborating with other projects and where useful with other relevant multi-national forums or activities. This includes also to help build and operate broad inter-connected repositories and exchange facilities
  • dissemination: to mobilise national and regional actors, public bodies and funding agencies by raising awareness with respect to the activities and results of the project in particular, and of the whole area of language resources and technology, in general.
Your views on Europe's Digital Future
DG CONNECT has launched a Stakeholder Survey to learn more about individuals, groups, organisations and entities who are involved in, or have views on, shaping Digital Agenda for Europe.

A Strategy for Multilingual Europe. Registration now open and it's free!

CHAT 2012: Call for Participation
The Second Workshop on Creation, Harmonization and Application of Terminology Resources
Digital Agenda Assembly - online forum
European Commission launches an online discussion forum to prepare workshops on Data
Accepted papers at LREC 2012
The METANET4U project team has submitted 2 papers at LREC 2012
Paper acceped at Hamburg Conference 2012
Invited talk on paper accepted to Hamburg Conference 2012 : "Maltese Mixed Language and Multilingual Technology"
META-NET Public Report
META-NET released their Public Report for 2011.
You can find the report here.

Paper accepted at LTC 2011
Michael Rosner, Albert Gatt, Andrew Attard and Jan Joachimsen, "Extending a Tool Resource Framework with U-Compare"

European Day of Languages
METANE4U raise public awareness through media about the Maltese language issues
Last Updated: 13 February 2012

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