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The Department of Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics has a set of specialised equipment used for the characterisation and testing of MEMS devices.

Cascade MEMS Probe Station


The Summit series semi-automated probe systems for high precision on-wafer device and process characterization, with PureLine™ and AttoGuard® technologies, allows to access the full range of the test instruments for wafers up to 200 mm.  Different applicatios include RF/Microwave MEMS testing, MEMS/ASIC characterization, wafer-level reliability, e-test and modeling or yield enhancement. Summit series probe systems are easy to configure whilst providing a choice of measurement performance, chuck size, thermal range and microscope options. All platforms are -60°C to 300°C compatible to ensure an upgrade path. It features excellent EMI shielding for low noise measurement.

2 Axis Positioning Table IXBlue Evo-20-TC


The IX-Blue EVO20-TC is a high precision two-axis positioning and rate table equipped with temperature control. It is aimed at testing and calibrating MEMS sensors, inertial systems and components such as multi-axis accelerators and gyroscopes.

Anechoic Test Box Bruel & Kjaer Type 4232


The Anechoic Test Box Type 4232 is designed to produce an exact acoustic replicate of an electric input signal and to exclude all external noise when performing measurements on hearing aids and microphones. The test box provides excellent insulation from external noise, even at low frequencies, and well-defined uniform test conditions, important requirements for obtaining accurate and repeatable measurements. It is mainly used in the testing of MEMS microphones, earphones and telecoils.

Precision LCR Meter Agilent E4980A


The E4980A is a 20 Hz to 20 MHz precision LCR meter which provides the best combination of accuracy, speed, and versatility for the measurement and characterisation of a wide range of passive components (such as inductors and capacitors) and MEMS devices. Offering fast measurement speed and outstanding performance at both low and high impedance ranges, the E4980A is the ultimate tool for general R&D and manufacturing test of components and materials. 

Lockin Amplifier Zurich Instruments HF2LI


The HF2LI is an advanced digital lock-in amplifier with an extended signal frequency range from 0.7 μHz to 50 MHz. With its 2 physical units, it replaces 2 traditional lock-in amplifiers for measurement setups; its 128-bit processing delivers unprecedented performance. It may be used in the testing, characterisation and control of oscillators and resonators, MEMS devices, mechanical gyros (gyroscopes), optical gyros and various transducers.

Medium Force Shaker Bruel & Kjaer V650 with Temperature Chamber Votsch VT4004


The V650 is designed to reproduce a vibration environment. Qualification tests on MEMS components and small assemblies can be reproduced under controlled conditions using a wide frequency band. The shaker operates in the frequency range of DC to 5000Hz from either a sine or random input waveform, converting an electrical current into mechanical force. It is mainly used for the testing of inertial MEMS sensors including modal investigation and vibration stress testing under varied environmental conditions.

Low Force Shaker Bruel & Kjaer 4808


The Bruel & Kjaer 4808 Low Force Shaker is mainly used in the calibration of accelerometers, vibration testing of small objects, mechanical impedance measurements and structural response testing. 

Shock Test Machine Avex SM-105


The AVEX SM-105 Shock Machine are used in the design and destructive drop testing of MEMS components, ASICs, hybrids, and complete assemblies up to 50 pounds.

Battery operated low noise Pre-amplifiers Stranford Research Systems SR560


The SR560 is a high-performance, low-noise pre-amplifier that is ideal for a wide variety of applications including low-temperature measurements, optical detection, and audio engineering particular important in the testing of MOEMS and MEMS microphones and speakers.

Stranford Research Systems SR785 FFT Dynamic Signal Analyser


The SR785 100 kHz two-Channel dynamic signal analyser is a precision full-featured signal analyser that offers state-of-the-
art performance. The SR785 incorporates new firmware and hardware that make it the ideal instrument for analysing both mechanical and electrical systems including MEMS. For measurements involving servo systems, control systems, acoustics, vibration testing, modal analysis, or machinery diagnostics, the SR785 has the features and specifications to get the job done. Standard measurement groups include FFT, order tracking, octave, swept-sine, correlation, time capture, and time/histogram. The SR785 brings the power of several instruments for a given application: a spectrum analyser, network analyser, vibration analyser, octave analyser and an oscilloscope.

Vibrating Sample Magnetometer Lakeshore 7404


The Lake Shore Model 7404 Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) system accurately measures major and minor hysteresis loops, remanence curves, and much more under full software automation. Vector/torque and automated sample rotation options extend the utility of the 7400 series VSM for magnetic anisotropy studies. The 7400 series VSMTypical materials characterized in Lake Shore VSM systems include a variety of particulate and continuous magnetic media materials, flexible media, magneto-optical materials, and sputtered and plated thin film materials, including multilayer GMR, CMR, exchange-bias, and spin valve materials. They are ideal for materials research and development, quality control, and production testing applications.

HP 20 GHz RF Network Analyser


The HP 20 GHz RF network analyser is an instrument that measures the scattering parameters of the electrical networks within RF MEMS devices. It may be used to characterize both one-port and two-port networks such as RF MEMS passive devices including inductors, variable capacitors and filters.

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