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Faculty of Information and Communication Technology

Master of Science in Computer Science [Taught and Research (Mainly by Research)]

(for courses commencing October 2015)


In addition to the compulsory study-units, students are required to choose study-units to the value of 24 ECTS credits from the elective study-units on offer during the year. The total number of taught study-units should as much as possible be spread evenly throughout the year.

Only one study-unit may be a level 3 unit. Such units are offered as final year undergraduate units and are indicated by a numeric code that starts with 3 (e.g. CPS3222).

Year (This/these unit/s start/s in Semester 1 and continue/s in Semester 2)

Elective Units Elective units are offered subject to availability and time-table constraints.

CPS3225 Verification Techniques 6 ECTS
CPS5100 Runtime Verification 6 ECTS
CPS5102 Advanced Software Testing 6 ECTS
CPS5110 Systems Security 6 ECTS
CPS5114 Advanced Systems Programming 6 ECTS
CPS5115 Research Topics in Dependable Systems 6 ECTS
CPS5116 Research Topics in System Software 6 ECTS

Semester 1

Elective Units Elective units are offered subject to availability and time-table constraints.

CCE5221 Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning 6 ECTS
CPS3222 Fundamentals of Software Testing 6 ECTS
CPS3224 Applied Cryptography 6 ECTS
CPS3228 Data Science: From Data to Knowledge 6 ECTS
CPS5104 Principles of Concurrency 6 ECTS
CSA3201 Concurrency, HPC and Distributed Computing 6 ECTS
CSA3217 Principles of Programming Languages 6 ECTS
CSA3219 Computability and Complexity 6 ECTS

Semester 2

Compulsory Units (All students must register for this/these unit/s)

CPS5118* Dissertation 60 ECTS
ICT5901 Research Methods 6 ECTS

Elective Units Elective units are offered subject to availability and time-table constraints.

CCE3410 Computer Networks 2 6 ECTS
CPS3223 Computer Graphics 6 ECTS
CPS5113 High Performance Graphics 6 ECTS
CSA3203 Software Engineering 2 6 ECTS

*Study-unit CPS5118 starts in Semester 2 and carries over to Semester 3.

This programme of study is governed by ‘The General Regulations for University Postgraduate Awards, 2008’ and by the Bye-Laws for the award of the Degree of Master of Science - M.Sc. - under the auspices of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology.
Last Updated: 10 March 2017
The University makes every effort to ensure that the published Courses Plans, Programmes of Study and Study-Unit information are complete and up-to-date at the time of publication. The University reserves the right to make changes in case errors are detected after publication.
The availability of optional units may be subject to timetabling constraints.
Units not attracting a sufficient number of registrations may be withdrawn without notice.
Unless for exceptional approved reasons, no changes to the programme of study for a particular academic year will be made once the students' registration period for that academic year begins.
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For Undergraduate (Day) and Postgraduate students.


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