Student reps

Introduction: the role of a student representative

Each Faculty at the University of Malta has student representatives at course level, on Faculty Board as well as on Council and Senate. Student representatives participate and attend Board meetings and other functions and present the students’ voice. Students may contact their representative should they require advice or for the representative to deal with a complaint.

Student representatives on Faculty Sub-Committees

Faculty Board

Matthew Vella
B.Sc. I.T. (Hons) (Software Development) - 2nd year
I am currently a second year student reading for a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Honours) (Software Development). I have taken this role not only to help any student within the Faculty, with their complaints, but to provide an easy and structured method to convey any issue to the staff.

Julian Demicoli
B.Sc. I.T. (Hons) (Computing and Business) - 1st year
I am currently reading for a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Honours) (Computing and Business). My role is to act as a link between students and the University; so please feel free to talk to me about any issues you may be facing or any brilliant ideas you may have.


Get in touch with the student representatives via our Google form.