ICS2000 Group Assigned Practical Task




B.Sc. I.T. (Hons.) in Artificial Intelligence

The Group Assigned Practical Task (GAPT) is an opportunity for pairs of students to work together in a team to design and implement a solution for a well-defined AI problem or a solution that utilises AI techniques.

In addition, students will be given the opportunity to work in pairs to understand a set problem, to design a solution that incorporates AI techniques and write a joint report (up to 8,000 words in length) which contains -

  • a short literature review;
  • an explanation of the design of the solution;
  • an explanation of the AI technique(s) used in the solution;
  • a description of the implementation;
  • a description of the evaluation carried out and the results obtained;
  • an analysis of the results; and
  • a conclusion.

The final deliverables for the GAPT are an artefact that solves the particular GAPT problem, a jointly-written project report, and a jointly given 20 minute presentation & demonstration of the solution and artefact.

A number of tutorials (to be attended by all students taking the same GAPT) to discuss and present problems encountered will be given.

The Group Assigned Practical Task will also act as preparation for the Final Year Project. 

The work output resulting from this 5 ECTS Group Assigned Practical Task will be roughly equivalent to a project resulting from, at least, 125 hours of effort.

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