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The Mediterranean Landscapes Research Group within the Institute of Earth Systems is concerned with the conservation and sustainable management of all landscapes, particularly but not exclusively those characteristic of the Mediterranean region. Another region on which the MLRG focuses is the adjoining Saharan landscape. The mission of the MLRG is to promote and foster an apprecation of the importance of landscape in all its forms, both natural and man-made. Through research activities, the MLRG seeks to develop improved approaches for the sustainable management of landscapes, through methods that acknowledge the dynamic nature of landscapes and are capable of accommodating change, whilst at the same time safeguarding landscape character, identity and environmental quality. In particular, the MRLG focuses on aspects of landscape ecology, considering management not only of areas which are of particular conservation interest, but also of areas which lie within the intervening matrix. Cultural landscapes, produced through distinctive interactions of man and nature over time, are also a key focus of interest, providing an apt forum for linking conservation of both the natural environment and socio-cultural heritage.

For details of recent initiatives of the MLRG, please see below:

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