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Theme 1: Beach Management

Beach Management
Innovations in beach management schemes and rating systems, beach nourishment, beach sediment modelling, conservation issues, beach ecology, dune management, health and safety issues, bathing water quality issues, policy and guidelines, socio-economic aspects, cost benefit analysis, feasibility studies, environmental economics, shoreline management and erosion control, utilization of rocky shores for bathing purposes.

Theme 2: Yacht Marinas and Yachting-Related Activities

Facility siting, environmentally sensitive development, water quality issues, safety aspects, marketing issues, award systems for marinas and ratings, overwintering facilities, yachting tourism, specialized aspects – super yachts, ancillary services – yacht repair and maintenance, ship chandlery and other speciality trades, economics of yachting activities.

Theme 3: Coastal Ecotourism

Coastal footpaths, diving holidays, cultural ecotourism and preserving the social fabric, heritage coast concept, issues of sustainability and carrying capacity, coastal nature reserves – management of environmentally sensitive areas, economic evaluation of ecotourism, other coastal leisure activities.

Theme 4: Coastal Hazards

Types of coastal hazards (tsunamis, sea level rise, storm surges, erosion, rip currents, drowning, oil/chemical spills) and their generation, climate change issues related to coastal hazards, impacts of coastal hazards on society, environment and economy, impacts on marine and terrestrial ecosystems, mitigation & adaptation, assessment of vulnerability, early warning systems, mapping, law enforcement and protection.coastal hazards

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