Environmental Management & Planning

The Division of Environmental Management and Planning provides training in various aspects of the management of natural environmental resources, with a focus on integrated planning of the sustainable use of these resources. We offer interdisciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as providing training for continuing professional development through periodic short courses, seminars and workshops.

The Division’s staff also participate actively in international research, drawing on a network of associates built up over the years and maintaining strong links with partner organisations across the Mediterranean and further afield.

Under the over-arching theme of sustainable development, the Division focuses on the following main subject areas:

  • the science and management of earth systems
  • environmental planning
  • integrated resource management
  • social-ecological systems
  • biodiversity, conservation and protected area management
  • environmental assessment and policy
  • corporate environmental management
  • climate, and weather processes and forecasting
  • atmospheric pollution
  • palynology and climate reconstruction
  • coastal management
  • hazards assessment and risk management
  • landscape research, including landscape ecology and management, and
  • environmental ethics.