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Coastal sand dunes under siege
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Coastal sand dunes under siege

A guide to conservation for environmental managers

Louis F Cassar and Darrin T Stevens

x + 194 pages.  2002.

ISBN: 99932-650-0-4
Coastal sand dunes
Fragile ecosystems often make for enchanting science. This collection of essays unearths many of the mysteries that underlie the transformation of sand dune ecosystems by human agency and through natural causes. The book provides an overview of the unique dynamics of coastal sand dune environments, where coastal and inland changes taking place a distance away affect the dunes themselves, often in surprising ways. Through a blend of the natural and social sciences, the status, threats and management constraints of the rare sand dune habitat in the Maltese Islands are reviewed, with a view to providing guidance for ensuring the effective conservation of this aspect of our natural heritage into the future.

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