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Landscape Approaches for Ecosystem Management
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Landscape Approaches for Ecosystem Management in Mediterranean Islands

Edited by Elisabeth Conrad and Louis F Cassar

xxi + 260 pages. 2012.

ISBN: 978-99957-812-1-7


There is something about islands that is distinctive, a quality that makes them intrinsically different from their mainland counterparts. Islands are perhaps best seen as ‘concoctions’ – of unique biota, landscapes, social aspects, economic dynamics, political systems, and a myriad other elements that together shape an island’s sense of identity. The many islands of the Mediterranean Basin are excellent examples of this multi-faceted character. Rich in heritage, both cultural and natural, these environments are an ideal context within which to discuss the challenge inherent in crafting a sustainable future that balances ecosystem dynamics and social needs, and that rises to the demands of modern life while preserving that which has been shaped over millennia.

This collection of essays presents insights on various aspects of Mediterranean islands, on their defining characteristics and on the difficulties that these face within a region that is rapidly changing. Through a combination of thematic discussions and case studies, this publication shows that while the road to sustainability may well be a long and arduous one, Mediterranean islanders are well equipped to bring their innovation and enterprising spirit to the fore to meet the challenges that come their way.  

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