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Current Topics in Remote Sensing Volume 2
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Remote Sensing for Hazard Monitoring and Disaster Assessment:

Marine and Coastal Applications in the Mediterranean Region

(Current Topics in Remote Sensing Volume 2)

Edited by Eric C Barrett, Krystyna A Brown and Anton Micallef

xii + 240 pages. 1991.

ISBN: 2-88124-809-8

Gordon and Breach Science Publishers
Remote sensing book 2


Concern for environmental hazards and the real or potential disasters they may prompt continues to grow as populations and living standards rise.  Fortunately, at the same time, both the science and technology of space-based mapping and monitoring of our terrestrial environment are maturing fast.

This book, published in 1991, explores the principles and practices of environmental remote sensing, especially the techniques that were newly available for data processing, interpretation and analysis. The applicability of remotely sensed data to marina and coastal hazard monitoring and disaster assessment is described and discussed with special reference to problems endemic to the Mediterranean region, including earthquakes, vulcanicity, soil erosion and degradation, vegetation and crop damage, severe weather phenomena, marine conditions, and air and water pollution.

This book was aimed at graduate students, scientists and technical officers involved in environmental protection and management, and was expected to be of particular interest to national and international relief agencies, both in the Mediterranean region and elsewhere.

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