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I.S.L.E Erasmus Network - Innovation in the teaching of Sustainable development in Life Sciences in Europe

Lifelong Learning Programme 

The I.S.L.E network: Innovation in the teaching of Sustainable Development in Life sciences in Europe, will ultimately involve HEIs, Research institutes, and enterprises from 32 countries (including two “third countries” Ukraine, Belarus), interested in introducing the concept of Sustainable Development in their curricula and/or institutions having had experience in this area and who are willing to transmit their know-how on this subject. 

In order to implement the concept of Sustainable Development in Higher Education programs, the total implication of Management and Faculty members is necessary including : changes to general organisation, to course content, to individual and collective behaviour, creation of new pedagogical tools, transversal approach, consultation and partnership with the civil society etc….

The challenge of sustainable development is of the essence today.  Higher Education Institutions amongst all educational structures are vested with significant responsibility and should ensure that they incorporate this concept in a transverse and structured way. The existence of such a network dedicated to the development and dissemination of progress on this issue therefore seems essential. 

Firstly, the network must mutualise good practices, it must make the appropriate institutions within and outside the consortium who have not yet placed the issue of sustainable development at the heart of their concerns aware of the importance of doing so. 

In order to do this, the network will aim to provide the means to go beyond expectations and speeches and truly collect and build specific tools (Good practices compendium, experimentation on innovation), devices (benchmarking protocols (diagnostic grids) for concrete action and to instill a pragmatic approach on a subject that is often seen as volatile and indefinable. 

The European Union is at the forefront of defending the concept of sustainable development, consequently, the network aims to contribute, to disclose and to promote this objective outside of the consortium members for many years to come.

Further information is available on request from the Division of Rural Sciences and Food Systems.

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