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The characterisation of Maltese honey
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The characterisation of Maltese honey: botanical, physicochemical and pharmacological evaluation

UoM Fund Allocation R36, 2008

Malta is historically renowned for the production of genuine honey from different floral sources depending on the season and the location of the apiary. This study focuses on determining the geographical location of apiaries around Malta and Gozo, followed by mapping of the local flora at the season of harvesting and the botanical characterisation of the honey by pollen counts. Physicochemical characteristics which will be measured for the honeys collected include moisture content, pH, conductivity, colour, phytochemical analysis and enzymatic analysis. During the 2013-2014 academic year, more samples were collected and physicochemical characteristics were studied. This year’s focus was mainly on metal analysis of the honey samples and the analysis of Maltese honey for microbiological and antioxidant activity. Further work was conducted with ERASMUS students mainly from Universities in France.

Further information is available on request from the Division of Rural Sciences and Food Systems.

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