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ViEnergy - Vigna Energetica
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ViEnergy - Vigna Energetica

Italia-Malta 2007-2013 Operational Programme

The "ViEnergy" project aims at reducing the dependence on traditional energy sources and to develop new technology for the production of energy from renewable sources. More specifically it aims to: reducing emissions and energy costs of production, ecological waste disposal, development of new sources of income, maintenance of results after the conclusion of the project. Besides the management and coordination and communication, the planned activities are: the evaluation of the available energy through the estimation of the quantities of residual biomass in Sicily and Malta, verification of an additive of agricultural origin for the production of E-diese and characterization of low-blend ethanol-diesel fuels, the reuse of wastewater from winemaking, the uptake of CO2 by fermentation of the wine industry for use in food industry or in the energy sector, the use of solar energy to power cooling systems used in the cellars. The results will be the demonstration of technical and economic feasibility of different methods of using alternative sources for the production and subsequent use of energy as well as information and training of potential users of such technologies. The remit of the Division is in the extraction of valuable metabolites from the grape biomass, and wastes including grape must and waste water. 

Further information is available on request from the Division of Rural Sciences and Food Systems.

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