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The use of IN VITRO gas
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The use of IN VITRO gas test technique to predict the nutritive value and expand the use for ruminants of Mediterranean forages, shrubs, foliage and agricultural by-products

UoM Fund Allocation R81, 2008-2011

In Mediterranean countries, climate limits the availability of forage and few feed alternatives remain for ruminant production. An ecological and multifaceted option involves the identification and optimal use of potential forage resources which are often ignored or misused. This could be sourced from native ecotypes of bushes, annual and perennial roughage and shrubbery as well as agricultural by-products, and leaves potentially used as complementary feed during the year. In Europe, such research started in the 1980s by AGRIMED and was then continued by CIHEAM which produced the first and only table of nutritive value of Mediterranean forages and by-products. This research project intends to use similar methodologies to map out the nutritional potential offered by Maltese flora and the optimisation of the dietary needs of the Maltese ruminants. 

Further information is available on request from the Division of Rural Sciences and Food Systems.

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