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PositionDirector, IES

Coordinator - Division of Environmental Management and Planning
Room 311A, Chemistry Building, 3rd Floor
+356 2340 2071

Louis F. Cassar Ph.D. is a landscape ecologist and environmental planner by training, and has been involved in conservation since the mid-seventies, initially through local and international NGOs and later professionally. For almost a decade, he served as scientific advisor on coastal management to the International Centre for Science and High Technology of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (ICS-UNIDO). His experience in coastal management and conservation extends to various countries of the Mediterranean region, as well as to West Africa and South America, with further field-work experience in South/South East Asia, the Amazon rainforests of the Guiana Shield, and Southern Africa. He has also been involved in several environmental appraisal assignments, both in Malta and overseas. Between 2001 and 2007, he served as Independent Member on the Board of the national environmental protection and planning agency.

In addition to his academic duties at the University of Malta, Prof Cassar holds adjunct status within the faculty of Integrated Science and Technology at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia in the US, where he was temporarily based as Fulbright Scholar, on curriculum development assignment, and to teach coastal management and conservation.

The text of an oration on the subject of environmental management and sustainability delivered by Prof Cassar during the 2008 graduation ceremonies at the University of Malta is available here.

Research Interests

Environmental Management and Conservation

  • Integrated coastal management
  • Landscape ecology (corridor ecology, habitat fragmentation, restoration ecology)
  • Participatory methods for stakeholder involvement
  • Valuation of ecological resources at landscape scale

  • Orthoptera of the Circum-Sicilian island complex and the Magħreb

A detailed list of Dr Cassar’s research areas, including prerequisites for potential students wishing to carry out postgraduate research on specific topics, is available here.

Selected Publications

  • Cassar, L.F., and Conrad, E., in press. New populations of Brachytrupes megacephalus. Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Malta, 1, 10-14. (Accepted for publication: July 2008).
  • Cassar, L.F., and Conrad, E., 2008. Setting sustainability indicators in a Mediterranean island context. In L.F. Cassar, E. Conrad and S. Morse [eds.] Measuring Sustainability: Theory and experience from the Mediterranean. Trieste: International Centre for Science and High Technology, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (ICS-UNIDO), 37-46.
  • Cassar, L.F., Baccar, F., Ellul, A., & Xuereb, R., 2007. La gestione dei problemi multidisciplinari riguardanti l'ambiente costiero presso Collelungo (Parco della Maremma, Toscana). In F. Scapini & M. Nardi [eds] Il Parco Regionale della Maremma e il suo territorio. Pacini editore, Pisa.
  • Cassar, L.F., Conrad, E., and Schembri, P.J., 2007. The Maltese archipelago. In I.N., Vogiatzakis, G. Pungetti and A. M. Manion [eds.] Mediterranean Island Landscapes. Springer, Landscape Series, No.9, 297-322.
  • Cassar, L.F., Lanfranco, S., Camilleri, A., & Lanfranco, E., 2007. La dinamica sedimentologica e lo sviluppo delle dune costiere: Osservazioni sulla geomorfologia e la vegetazione delle dune a Collelungo (Parco della Maremma, Toscana). In F. Scapini & M. Nardi [eds] Il Parco Regionale della Maremma e il suo territorio. Pacini editore, Pisa.
    • Conrad, E., & Cassar, L.F., 2007. Coasts & Conflicts: Towards harmonisation and integration in the Mediterranean. International Environment Institute, University of Malta.
    • Cassar, L.F., Conrad, E, Griffiths, G.H., & Morse, S., 2006. Limits of stakeholder participation in sustainable development: “Where facts are few, experts are many”. In F. Scapini [ed] The Mediterranean coastal area from watershed to the sea: interactions and changes. Firenze University Press.
    • Lanfranco, S., Cassar, L.F., Conrad, E., & Lanfranco E., 2006. A rapid method for monitoring macrophytic vegetation. [refereedpaper].  In F. Scapini [ed] The Mediterranean coastal area from watershed to the sea: interactions and changes. Firenze University Press.
    • Cassar, L.F., & Stevens, D.T., 2002. Coastal dunes under siege: a guide to conservation for environmental managers. International Environment Institute, University of Malta.
    • Cassar, L.F., 2001. Training Package  - Integrated Coastal Area Management. Part I: Training Manual; Part II: Visual Aids. United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Vienna [Overall editor & chapter author].

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