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Dr Elisabeth Conrad is presently a lecturer with the Division of Environmental Management and Planning within the Institute of Earth Systems, having previously served as a visiting teaching and research member of staff for several years. She is a geographer and environmental management specialist by training, holding a Ph.D. from the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences at the University of Wales, Abersytwyth, an M.Sc. in Environmental Management from Imperial College, University of London and a B.A. (Hons) degree in Geography from the University of Malta. She was previously engaged as an environmental management consultant, and in this regard was responsible for the compilation of several environmental impact assessments and protected area management plans. She has also been involved in various international research and outreach initiatives, in subject areas including coastal management, sustainability, ecosystem management, conservation, landscape management and biodiversity conservation. Dr. Conrad is also an Associate Member of the Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment (UK).

Research Interests
  • Biodiversity conservation and protected area management
  • Social-ecological systems
  • Public participation in decision-making
  • Environmental ethics
  • Landscape conservation, planning and management

Selected Publications

  • Conrad, E., Cassar, L.F., Christie, M. and Fazey, I., in press. Hearing but not listening? A participatory assessment of public participation in planning. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy.
  • Conrad, E., Christie, M. and Fazey I., 2011. Is research keeping up with changes in landscape policy? A review of the literature. Journal of Environmental Management 92 (9), 2097-2108.
  • Conrad, E., Cassar, L.F., Jones, M., Eiter, S., Izakovicova, Z., Barankova, Z., Christie, M and Fazey, I. (in press). Rhetoric and reporting of public participation in landscape policy. Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning.
  • Conrad, E., Christie, M. and Fazey. I., 2011. Understanding public perceptions of landscape: a case study from Gozo, Malta. Applied Geography 31(1), 159-170.
  • Conrad, E. and Cassar, L.F. (eds.), 2010. Perspectives on Landscape. Msida: Institute of Earth Systems, University of Malta.
  • Cassar, L.F., Conrad, E., Gatt. P., Lanfranco, E., and Role, A., in press. The Thermo-Mediterranean biotopes of the Oued Laou basin: a landscape approach. Istitute Scientifique, Universite’ Mohammed V, Morocco. (Accepted for publication: December 2006).
  • Cassar, L.F., and Conrad, E., 2008. New populations of Brachytrupes megacephalus. Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Malta, 1, 10-14.
  • Conrad, E., 2008. Planning for conservation in a cultural context – an island perspective. The case of the Maltese Islands. International Journal of Environmental Consumerism.
    • Cassar, L.F., Conrad, E., and Morse, S., (eds), 2008. Measuring Sustainability: Theory and experience from the Mediterranean. Trieste: International Centre for Science and High Technology, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (ICS-UNIDO).
    • Conrad, E., and Cassar, L.F., 2008. Landscape management in the Maltese Islands: the state of implementation of the European Landscape Convention. In B. Young and P. Howard [eds.] Implementing the European Landscape Convention – summary report of the Sheffield Conference on the European Landscape Convention, 19th-20th November, 2007. London: Landscape Research Group, 37-39.
      • Cassar, L.F., Conrad, E., and Schembri, P.J., 2007. The Maltese archipelago. In I.N., Vogiatzakis, G. Pungetti and A. M. Manion [eds.] Mediterranean Island Landscapes. Springer, Landscape Series, No.9, 297-322.
      • Conrad, E., and Cassar, L.F., 2007. Coasts and conflicts: towards harmonisation and integration in the Mediterranean. International Environment Institute, Malta.
      • Conrad, E., and Cassar, L.F., (eds), 2007. Training manual: coastal management and conservation - applications in the Mediterranean region. International Environment Institute, Malta.

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