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2018 Graduates 

Bazluke, E.E. 

Landscape Design Options for a Stormwater Flow Management Basin to Alleviate Flooding in the Town of Woodstock, Virginia

Bowser, M. P. 

Marine Plastic Pollution from FAD Gear - A State of the Art Instrument and Policy Analysis for the Maltese Dolphinfish Fishery

Kilpack, W. D.  

Efficient Use of Fire Suppression Methods in Biochar Production for Soil Enhancement and Carbon Sequestration

Major, M. C. 

American Bison of the Central High Plains - A Systems Perspective of Bison Carrying Capacity in Response to Grassland Productivity and Drought

Meekers, I. J. 

Investigating the Effect of a Heat Recovery System on the Sustainability of Injection Moulding

Moore, T. J. 

Environmental Impact of Thermal Treatment as a Waste Management Strategy and Energy Production, Utilising Construction and Demolition Waste

Nygaard, J. 

The Feasibility of Food Waste Composting in Moscow, Idaho - An Analysis of the Scientific, Technical, Environmental, Economic, and Political Feasibility

Olariu, H. G. 

The Contribution of Local Maryland Sediment TMDLs to Overall Regional Chesapeake Bay 2025 Target Goals

Orr, M. E. 

Land Conservation in Malta - Examining Tal-Wej and Legal Frameworks for its Protection

Owoc, D. J. 

The Utilization of Modified Hydroponic Shipping Container Farming for Food Production: A Technological Review and Feasibility Scenario Analysis

Rice, C. R. 

Impacts of Educational Programming at Dolphins Plus on Visitor Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior

Rusinek, M. J.  

Blockchain as a Mechanism for a Traceable and Circular Textile Supply Chain

Said, S. 

An Analysis of Vacant and Abandoned Property in Valletta, Malta

Suarez, E. I.  

System Dynamics Modeling of Malta's MSW System

Zahra, O. 

The Concentrations of PFASs in Sediment from Firefighting Foam


2015 Graduates


Ogden, B. T.  

Efficacy According To Viewing Length and Video Content of Promotional Videos for Sustainability Graduate Education

Parker, C. P.  

Impacts of Consumer Horticulture on Stormwater and Nutrient Management: Investigating Public Perception, Knowledge, and Practices in the Shenandoah River Watershed

Sapienza, L.  

Home Composting as a Sustainable Waste Management System: A Study that Examines the Attitude and Behaviour of Maltese University Students towards Composting at Home

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2014 Graduates


Agius, C.  

Policy Context of the Endemic Flora of the Maltese Islands in a Changing Taxonomic Landscape

Allen, R.  

Climate Change and Protected areas: Responses from US National Parks

Armaiz Nolla, K. A.  

Offshore Wind Energy in the US Mid-Altlantic Region and the EPA Clean Power Plan Proposed Rule

Flagel, J. 

Examining the Effectiveness of Ecotourism as a Funding Source for Protected Area Management in Guyana 

Hemeon, K. M.  

Polyculture Bioremediation: An analysis of Potential Nitrogen Assimilation and Removal By MYA Arenaria, Gracilaria Tikvahiae and Ulva Lactuca Harvests In The Corsica River, MD

Lockwood, M. J.  

An Analysis of US/Canadian Fisheries Policy in Regards to Pacific Salmon and the Preservation of Indigeneity in the Pacific Northwest

Sheats, M. J.  

Performance Quantification of Extensive Green Roof Substrate Blend: Expanded Shale and Biochar

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2013 Graduates


Bartolo, A. 

Assessment of seawater quality: do public perceptions of seawater quality match indication given by macroalgae?

Bianco, D. 

Feasibility study of installing artificial bathing platforms at the northeast coast of Malta

Cassar, N. 

Public perception on the state of air quality in Malta

Falzon, J. 

Sustainable management of the main two Maltese indigenous grape varieties for winemaking

Fenech, M. 

A resilience assessment of the Ramla Valley system, Gozo

Hayes, C. A. 

The Integration of 18th and 19th Century Subsistence Farming Practices into the Planning and Zoning Laws of the City and County of Baltimore

Hoilett, B. W.  

Dehumidification and Energy Efficiency at an Entertainment Complex in Orlando, Florida and how they may possibly be Improved

Manogaran, S. 

Dynamic Life Cycle Assessment in Energy and Efficiency Management in Water Systems  

Micallef, M. 

Potential energy savings when using saline water for cooling chillers in Malta

2012 Graduates


Cassar, C. M. 

Analyzing land-cover change within north west rural landscapes

Farrugia Cann, T. 

Energy audits in Malta

Desira, N. 

Sulfur dioxide trends in Malta: a statistical computing approach

Fox, J. 

Developing a best practices manual for the U.S. Department of Energy Wind For Schools Project

Manogran, S. 

Dynamic Life Cycle Assessment in Energy and Efficiency Management in Water Systems

Peterson, A. 

Assessing the Feasibility of Small Hydropower in Northern California

Prabhakaran, M.  

Implementation of Co_2 sensor for monitoring Co_2 emissions from coal fired power plant in Neyveli Lignite Corporation

Rapp, B. 

Economic analysis of the Upper South River: special regulation area in Augusta County, Virginia

Sappenfield, R. H. 

An Analysis of the Application of Best Management Practices in Collaborative Watershed Management to Community-Based Sustainable Development 

Sellakkannu, R. 

A System Dynamics Analysis of the Growth in Virginia's Residential Electricity Consumption Trends, 1980-2010

Sciberras, R.  

Effectiveness of Environmental Impact Assessment Process in the Maltese Islands

Simon III, E. J.  

Developing a Learning Environment for the Edwards Acquifer with a Base in Systems Thinking and Dynamics

Zammit, F.  

Investigating the Compatibility between Natura 2000 Site Protection and Geomorphological Landscapes

Zammit, P. 

Ecological Restoration of Abandoned Agricultural Land - an Evaluation of Socio-Economic Feasibility

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2011 Graduates


Badger, A. R.  

Technology Assessment of Hydrokinetic Energy: Run-of-River and In-Stream Tidal Systems

Bauer, M. R.  

Spatial and temporal diffusion of agricultural best management practice adoption in the South Fork Shenandoah River watershed

Borg, A. 

The Examination of the Feasibility of Implementing a Biosphere Reserve in the Maltese Islands: Applying a Conservation Value Evaluation Framework

Botkin, T. F.

Proposing a Path for Sustainability Curricula: Identifying Core Thinking and Learning Elements for Sustainability Higher Education

Bredbenner, A. L. 

A Case Study in Wetlands Conservation: Identifying Best Management Practices for Landowner Stewardship 

Buchanan, T. A.  

Cross-Curriculum Policy Recommendations for Integrating E Learning and Education for Sustainable Development Learning Areas into the Maltese State Education System

Dvonch, C. L.  

Small Wind Industry, Stakeholder, and Site Analysis in Support of the Small Wind Training and Testing Facility at James Madison University

Falzon, C. 

Integrated Waste Management as a Climate Change Stabilisation Wedge for the Maltese Islands

Kossey, L. 

A Technology Assessment of On-Farm Renewable Energy Carbon Mitigation Strategies

Real, J. M. 

Development of a Methodology for Dormitory Energy Load Estimation and Analysis

Reilly, E. M.  

Understanding Marine Ecosystems Services in Malta - A Focus on Climate Regulation, Nursery Habitat and Recreational Services

Schembri, J. 

A System Dynamics Approach towards Assessing Posidonia Oceanica Habitat  

West, W. A.  

Metocean Data Management and Modelling to Support U.S. Offshore Wind Power Development in the Mid-Atlantic

Zammit, G. 

Investigating Hydrogen Enhanced Combustion in a Sustainability Context

Zimmerman, D. L. 

Residential Solar Energy in the Valley: A Feasibility Assessment and Carbon Mitigation

2010 Graduates


De Brincat, R. 

Integrated Waste Management in Malta – Future Scenario Development

Farrugia, S. 

Identifying Landscape Quality Objectives for Gozo

Gauci, A. 

‘The Eco-Gozo Vision’: A Study Set against Criteria of Good Governance and Sustainability 

Graefe, A. N. 

Assessing the Potential Benefits of Learning about Environmental Issues through a Systems Thinking Pedagogy

Gurulé, A.  

Exploring Sustainable Environmental Management Practices for Golf Courses in Semi-Arid Environments

Hasanovic, V. 

Initiation of a Framework for Closed-Loop, Integrated Design & Planning for the Simplest of Building Types, Vernacular Structures  

Hoehn, R. 

From Seed to Harvest: A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Conventional vs. Organic Cotton Agriculture

Muscat, K. 

Green Buildings: A Maltese Perspective

Phillips, V. M.  

A Study of Solar Power Implementation Business Model Options for Grand Junction, Colorado

Portelli, J. 

Assessing Vulnerability to Coastal Hazards. Case Study: Gozo

Restall, B. 

Assessment of Stakeholder Perceptions towards Malta’s Land-based Wind Energy Plans

Robertella, K. 

A Heuristic for Local Land Planning: Linking Ecological Function and Policy - In Context to Charlotte, North Carolina

Sinn, G. C. 

A Comparative Social, Economic and Environmental Study of how Malta could Best Achieve its 2020 “20-20-20” Goals

Vella, E. 

The Role of Quality Labels in Farming Diversification and Rural Development

Vella, S. 

Sustainable Agricultural Management and Landscaping through Agroforestry and Permaculture. Case Study: Northern Malta

Xuereb, M.   

A Landscape Assessment Study of the South Gozo Fault Area

Zammit, D. 

A Preliminary Assessment of the Long-Term Prospects for Offshore Wind Farms in Maltese Territorial Waters
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