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B.Sc. (Hons) in Earth Systems


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2018 Graduates 


Barbara, F. 

Profiling Energy Use and Efficiency in Restaurants

Bonello, J. 

What does Sustainability Really Mean to Maltese University Students?

Borg, L. 

Investigating Aerohaline Plant Distribution on Northern and Southern Coastal Locations

Borg, T. 

Public Perception on Implementing Energy Efficiency Measures in Residential Buildings

Busuttil, E. 

Analysing Public Opinion on Natura 2000 Sites

Caruana, M. 

Assessing the Current State of Coastal Dune Environments

Cassar, M. 

Pollen Counts and Hay-Fever Diaries: A Campus Pilot Study

Cuschieri, A. 

Assessing Outdoor Noise in the Birkirkara-Mriehel Area

Dimech, F. 

Analysis of Local Archived Atmospheric Pressure Data

Galea, L. 

The Effect of Iron Chelate and Sulfur Amendments on Soil Microbial Activity

Grech Licari, J. 

Evaluating Tsunami Impact on Areas of the NE Coast of Malta

Mizzi, M. 

Enhancement of an Integrated Map for Recreational Coastal Navigation

Mizzi, M. 

Characterisation of Maltese Honeys by Melissopalynology

Montanaro, R. 

Correlation of Soil Salinity and Nitrate with Irrigation from the Major Aquifers 

Montebello, J. 

Investigation and Automatic Parameterisation of Large Microplastic Particle Concentration on Selected Maltese Beaches

Muscat, C. 

An Investigation of Lippija Coastal Cliff Fractures through Photogrammetry

Pisani, C. M. 

Modelling of Oil Spill Scenarios Around Maltese Shores

Said, J. 

Assessing Bathing Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise in Gozo

Saliba, S. 

Assessing Climate Change Scenarios for the Central Mediterranean using MAGICC/SCENGEN Models

Tanti, R. 

Assessing the Potential of Installing Photovoltaic Panels in Car Parks to Reach 2020 EU Targets

Xuereb, N. 

Assessing Habitat Vulnerability for the Conservation of Brachytrupes megacephalus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)

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2017 Graduates  


Apap, A

Aeolian (dunal) and Transport at Ramla Bay, Gozo
Aquilina, J.

An investigation of Large Micro Plastics on selected sandy beaches in the Maltese Islands

Attard, C. 

Potential benefits of 3D visualisation of sea level rise visualisations in Malta

Borg, R. 

Urban development trends and related impacts on quality of life in areas of Msida and Birkirkara

Borg, R. 

A feasibility study for a monitoring system that charts airborne pollen taxa and pollen-related allergies

Borg, D. 

The potential of using honeybees as indicators of metal pollution in two locations in Malta

Caruana, T. M. 

Environmental Criteria for Valley Management to Support Water Conservation

Cassar, C. 

Comparative analysis of archived and current national temperature trends

Curmi, S. 

The impact of urban development policies on quality of life in Malta : A case study on Marsascala

Dimech, S. 

Bathing area safety in the Maltese Islands with special emphasis on jellyfish-related injuries.

Doneo, A. 

The feasibility of managing groundwater as a common-pool resource in Malta

Farrugia, M. K. 

Water consumption in Maltese households

Fenech, D. 

Comparisons of modeled and observed vertical weather profiles during convective events
Grech, A.

Dataset of earthquake focal mechanisms for computing tectonic stresses in the Central Mediterranean 

Grima, R. Characterising sea water temperature of Marsalforn Bay, Gozo

Inguanez, K. 

 Vulnerabilities of migratory avifauna across the central Mediterranean

Lapira, Y. 

Variability of chlorophyll-a in Maltese Coastal Waters

Merten, K.S. 

Ecosystem services provided by agricultural land in Malta

Montebello, S. 

Environmental benefits of using photovoltaic panels in Malta

Mule Stagno, C. 

The Effects of Bisphenol A on the Germination of Lettuce and Radish, and on Soil Microbial Activity

Pace, C. 

Stakeholder opinion of Organic Waste in the Maltese Islands: Birkirkara and Swieqi

Pace Ricci, J. M. 

Community allotment on abandoned agricultural land in the Maltese Islands

Rapinett, L. 

Identifying local climatological trends of aviation - related weather parameters

Said, S. 

A multi use approach towards managing open green spaces: The case of Tal-Wej

Tanti, N. D. 

A preliminary economic valuation of Ghadira Bay, Malta

Vella, A. 

A Study of Residents' opinions on land-use change in Marsaskala

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2016 Graduates 



Adams, N.

An evidence based approach towards identifying illegal borehole activity

Agius, S.

A Study on Bidni Olive Trees to Determine Management Practices and Environmental Conditions

Bajada, N.

The Influence of green marketing on the consumer purchasing behaviour towards energy-efficient appliances in Malta

Bartolo, S.

Physicochemical analysis of wild flora as potential forage for sheep and goats in Malta

Birhane, M.

Geochemical Survey in Solution Subsidence Structures (Dolines) Examples from the Maltese Islands

Camilleri, B.

A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) of Geophysical data to support Civil Protection Planning

Camilleri, C.

Evaluating the Implementation of Malta's Sustainable Development Strategy with Focus on Renewable Energies

Camilleri, R.

An ethnobothanical research of the Maltese Islands and the Mediterranean

Cassar, M.A.

A study on the salinity of Maltese Soils in relation to their distance from the coast

Cassar, C.

Water uses and security in Malta's Agricultural Sector

Cilia, R.

An investigation of the vulnerability of the Maltese painted Frog Discoglossus pictus pictus populations

Cortis, E

Pesticide Use : Perceptions of farmers in northern Malta

D’Amato, L.

Analysis of Physical ocean parameters obtained through the MyOcean Marine Core Service

Debono, A.

Effect of Digestate  on the Availability of soil nutrients and on A chroococcum

Deguara, D.

Beach Profile Change Analysis at Ramla Bay

Demanuele, K.

Susceptibility Mapping on the Northern coastal part of Malta

Dimech, C.M

Earthquake Location in the Sicily Channel

Falzon, M.

An investigation of habitat connectivity of Potamon fluviatile lanfrancoi over time

Farrugia, J.

Extending the official climatological analysis of the wind velocity data in Malta

Farrugia, J.

Local Tourism Susceptibility to Climate Change Case Study- The Maltese Islands

Farrugia, M.

The awareness of Potable water resources among Maltese society

Farrugia, G.

A GIS database of Large boulders along the North-Eastern coast of Malta

Grech, L.

Assessing Gozitan farmers’ perceptions of using treated sewage effluent for irrigation

Muscat, A.

Data rescue and analysis of historical wind direction in Malta

Petroni, M.

A study on the physical Characteristics of currents and wave climate at Ramla Bay

Scerri, F.

The Algerian hedgehog (Alelerix algirus) in Manikata- Aspects of Population Dynamics and Traffic Related Mortality

Schembri, D.

Rock shore Platform Denudation Measurements along the Maltese Coastline

Spiteri, J.

Sustainable Land Rehabilitation of a Woodland area in Malta

Sultana, D.

A digital database of faults and fractures in the Maltese Archipelago

Tabone, G.

Assessing Maltese Consumers’ Knowledge and perceptions of Agricultural Biotechnology

Vella, D.

Analysing Household Food Waste in the Maltese Islands

Vella, K.

Analysing the Output of CMIP5 Models to Assess the future Climate of the Maltese Islands

Xuereb, E.

Insects Associate with Caper and Fennel Flowers of the Maltese Islands

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2015 Graduates 


Agius, A.

Improving Boundary Conditions of a Numerical Weather Prediction Model for the Maltese Islands

Aloisio, P.

Hotspot Atlas of Birds of Prey that Occur in Malta

Attard Bason, M. C.

Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Healthcare Waste Management in Malta's General Hospital

Azzopardi, S.

A baseline study of Ramla Bay's nearshore zone

Azzopardi, D.

Preliminary Hydrological and Sedimentary Investigation of the Ramla Valley Catchment System

Bartolo, K.

Investigating Degradation of Solar Photvoltaic Modules and Use of Greenhouses' Roofs for Supplemental Power Generation

Bonnici, R. B.

Investigating the Importance of Natural Light in Living and Learning Environments

Bugeja, J.

A Geophysical Survey to Estimate the Thickness of Upper Coralline Limestone and Blue Clay Strata in the Mgarr-Wardija (Malta) Locality

Camilleri Haber, D.

Mapping Quaternary Deposits in a Maltese Valley

Cassar, F.

Yacht marinas in the Grand Harbour of Malta: Environmental Impacts and Regulations

Cilia, N.

An Integrated Pest Management Approach for the Mellieha Region

Cilia, N.

Biomonitoring The Superficial Heavy Metals settling on Five Selected Herbal Plants and their Corresponding Habitat

Cini, G.

Cyclone Cleopatra: Meteorological Conditions & its Socio-Economic Impacts on Sardinia

Custo', J.

Earthquake Public Perception in the Maltese Islands

Debrincat, C.

Identifying Landscape Change Trends in Gozo

Dimech, B.

Environmental Considerations in Food Choices of Three Demographic Groups in the Maltese Islands

Fanara, M.

Maltese Pollen Database: Tree Species Composing the Mediterranean Sclerophyll Habitats of the Maltese Islands

Fenech, S.

Mapping the Distribution of Selected Flora of Scientific Importance found on the Northern Coast of Malta: An Exercise in Species' Vulnerability

Galea, P.

A Study on the Financial Sustainability of Majjistral Park, A Natura 2000 site in Malta

Gatt, M. P.

A Preliminary Investigation of Aeolian Beach Sediment Transport At Ramla Bay Gozo

Gauci, C.

Geochemical Investigations Across Malta and Gozo

Gauci, G.

An Appraisal on the Effectiveness and Implementation of the Maltese Guidelines Regarding Planting and Landscaping

Lau, H. S.

The Current Urban Heat Island Effect Over Hong Kong

Mallia, N.

A Socioeconomic Impact Analysis of a Number of Extreme Weather Events in the Maltese Islands

Micallef, A.

The Feasibility of Land-Based Production of Oil-Producing Cyanobacteria in Malta for use in the Biofuel Industry

Muscat, S.

Relationship between trends in UV Intensity and Phytoplankton Concentration in the Antarctic and the Mediterranean

Napier, M.

An Analysis of the Potential Impacts of Rock Climbing on Rupestral Vegetation

Pace, S.

Microzonation in the Mgarr Harbour Area (Gozo): Case study at the Fort Chambray Area

Portelli, A.

An Investigation on the Level of Organic Matter of Soils from Organically Manages and Conventionally Managed Fields

Saliba, J. L.

Sustainability Assessment of the Hotels in the Maltese Islands

Schembri, J.

A Baseline Study of Dune Stability Along the Sandy Littoral between Marina di Alberese and the Eastward Protrusion of I Monti dell'Uccellina, Tuscany, Italy

Sultana, D.

A preliminary study of beach sediment sources, composition and distribution patters at Ramla Bay, Gozo

Vella, R. M.

Gozitan Farmers : Sustainable Agricultural Practices to Prevent Soil Erosion and Future Possibilities

Zammit, T.

Basic Resilience Assessment Principles with Reference to the Pembroke Natura 2000 Site

Zerafa, K.

Public Perception of Sharks in the Maltese Islands


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2014 Graduates 


Austad, M.

A Stenoecious breeding passerine as indicator of environmental change: the case of Sylvia conspicillata, Malta

Azzopardi, J.

Assessing Physical and Social Beach Carrying Capacity in Ramla Bay and Marsalforn Bay on the island of Gozo, Malta 

Azzopardi Schellmann, C.

Asian Medicinal Products Derived from Wildlife: A review of public and practitioner perspectives, trade patterns and trends  

Bajada, F.

Creating an inventory of ecosystem services for selected Natura 2000 sites in Malta

Bajada, R.

Investigating the Socio-cultural Dimension of the Lampuka (Coryphaena hippurus)

Borg, B.

A Sustainable Energy Plan for the Land Observatory at Kuncizzjoni, Malta

Camilleri, C.

Examination of sustainability of quarrying on the Maltese Islands' social, environmental and economic spheres

Caruana, J.

An investigation of the impact of alien flora on the biotopes at Ahrax Tal-Mellieha 

Caruana. M.

Long-term climatic rainfall trends over the Central Mediterranean Region

Cauchi, D. P.

The Influence of Habitat Fragmentation: A study on the Indigenours Least Weasel (Mustela nivalis) Population in Malta

Cremona, E.

Calculating Aspects of the National Water Footprint of the Maltese Islands and Analysing Related Economic Implications

Cutajar, E.

Analysing Seismic Occurrences in the Central Mediterranean Region and Relocating Recent Seismic Events

Debono, M.

Seismic-induced Landslide Susceptibility in Malta and Gozo

Desira, D.

Exploring biophilia: the influence of childhood experiences on connectedness to nature in adulthood

Gatt, M.

Identifying climatic trends of bright sunshine hours and related driving forces in the central Mediterranean

Grech, J-C.

Enhancing the Barn Owl (Tyto alba) population in the Maltese Islands: a study based on home range requirements

Grima, L.

An evaluation of beach award systems and signage in the Maltese Islands

Kohler, R.

Geophysical and Geotechnical investigations of Coastal Heritage Sites: A Case Study of Maltese Watchtowers

Martin, P.

An Evaluation of the Characteristics and Environmental Impacts of Two Different Vineyard Management Systems within the Maltese Islands

Meilak, F. 

Monitoring Coastal Zone Changes between Għajn Barrani and Daħlet Qorrot through Aerial Photography

Muscat, K.

Beach Profiling of Pocket Beaches in the Maltese Islands

Patissier, R. S.

The deleterious influence of Arundo donax: approaches to restoration ecology within selected Maltese valley beds

Pisani, F.

Perceptions related to the implementation of Permaculture in Maltese public areas

Pisani, L.

The Rhopalocera and selected Macro Heterocera (Order: Lepidoptera) of the Maltese Islands: as an awareness tool for Conservation

Portelli, C.

Potential siting of underwater trails in the North Eastern coast of the Maltese Islands

Pulis, K.

Management and Control Considerations in Respect to Jellyfish Blooms in Maltese inshore Coastal Waters

Said, A.

Farmers' perceptions of Climate Change in the Island of Gozo

Saliba, M.

Study of phytoplankton in Maltese coastal waters using in-situ and remote sensing techniques 

Schembri, A.

Assessing the Tsunami Risk from Submarine Landslides on the Maltese Islands

Scicluna, R.

Analysing the Maltese public's views of the ethics of using animals for testing cosmetics

Spiteri, M.

Assessing the effectiveness and impacts of the underwater trails at Għajn Tuffieħa and Bajja tal-Mixquqa

Sullivan, K.

Assessing the ecological footprint of the equestrian pursuits in Malta

Vassallo, S.

Integrating Renewable Energy and Sustainable Architecture in Local Spatial Planning Strategies and Building Regulation Systems

Xuereb, D.

Evaluating restaurant sustainability in a Maltese context


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