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Baldacchino, N.
A Study of the Skills of New Recruits and Retiring Employees, in Comparison with WSC Objectives
Balzan, E.
Billing System in the Water Services Corporation. Alternative Perspective
Borg, B.
An Effective Operation and Maintenance Management System for a Sewerage Collection Network
Borg, E.
A Study of Resources Utilized by the National Water Utility Maintenance and Control Purposes. The Case of the Desalination Section
Buttigieg, M.
An Analysis for Multi-Skilling and its Benefits for the WSC
Camilleri, S.
A Study of the Impact of Rationalization of a Water Distribution System
Caruana, J.
Effects of RO Membrane Cleaning Agents and Disinfection on RO Membrane Performance
Caruana, J.
The Relationship between Trust and Confidence and Customer Satisfaction. The Case of the Maltese Water Utility
Cassar, J.
Water as a Scarce Resource. A Study in the Perception from an Educational View Point
Cassar, J.
Outsourcing IT Services - Is it Feasible for the WSC
Dalli, J.
Optimization of a Water Distribution Network. A Study of a Limited Number of Technical Activities
Delmar, R.
The Pricing of Water in Malta
Dogansoy, J.
An Environmental Management System for the WSC. A Study of the Various Implications
Dougall, V.
A Methodology for the Automation of Waste-water: Benefits Acquired
Ellul, M.
An Innovative Approach Towards Performance Management Programmes in the WSC
Farrugia, P.
Quality Service and Customer Satisfaction
Fenech, E.
Disinfection of Treated Waste-water: A Comparative Study on Chlorine, Ozone and Ultraviolet Irradiation
Fenech, J.
Organization Reform and its Effect on Employee Motivation. The Case of Malta Desalination Services
Formosa, A.
A Study of Stress within the WSC Customer Care Unit
Fresta, C.
The Overall Customer's Satisfaction with the Services of the WSC
Gatt, A.
Can the Level of Complaints predict the Level of Customer Satisfaction in the WSC?
Grech, E.
Good Agricultural Practices to Minimize Nitrate Leaching when Irrigating with Saline Water
Gregoraci, J.
Goal Oriented Behaviour. A Study in Motivation within the Regions of the WSC
Grima, J.
A Study of Impact of Automating a Manual Meter Reading Process
Mallia, H.
"Leakage Management". A Study to Develop a Performance Indicator that Compares the Cost of Leakage Control with Water Savings
Mallia, N.
Trench Management. A Case Study on the Application of Various Techniques used for Commissioning Drainage Networks
Micallef, G.
A Study on Automation to Improve Efficiency in Water Resources
Muscat, A.
A Study of the Impact of AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) on the Billing Estimation Process
Ross, J.
How Effective are Health and Safety Practices in WSC
Sammut, I.
A Gap Analysis Focusing on the Training Needs of a WSC Region
Sciberras, J.
Employee's Attitude. The Case of Water Services Corporation Regions
Scicluna, A.
A Study of Efficiency of the Three Regions in Carrying Out New Service Installation
Spiteri, J.
A Critical Analysis Regarding the Drainage Allowance. Issues of Performance and Motivation
Spiteri D'Amato, N.
The Effects of Water Quality with Special Reference to Salinity on Spring Potato (Solanum Tubersum)
Tabone, E. C.
A Study of WSC Physical Resources. The Issue of Investing in Heavy Plant Versus Contracting Out
Tellus, M. H.
Overall Customer Satisfaction. The Relationship between Service Performance and Consumer Satisfaction
Theuma, R.
The Impact of Agriculture Activities on Groundwater
Tonna, J.
Treated Sewage Effluent - Alternative Uses
Tonna, M.
Uses of Available Water Resources from a Maltese Perspective
Vassallo, V.
Maintaining the Sewer Collection Network and its Effects on Groundwater
Zammit, A.Water in Pig Production

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