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Application process

Students are required to consult the list of ERASMUS+ placements to see which locations within their field of study are of interest to them. Students should also consider:

• That the semester dates at the foreign university would fit with the Mobility Semester for their Degree (see below)

• The range of subjects available and how these link to the degree programme being followed at the University of Malta

• Language considerations – whether an institution teaches in a language that the student already has knowledge of and/or whether it offers language programmes to help students to learn or improve proficiency in the language that is used for instruction.

It is beneficial for the students to self-assess themselves in the language competence, so as to find a suitable University which will cater for their Academic needs. Some European Universities will offer tuition in their native language, (for example France, Italy, Spain, Germany) therefore it would be advisable for the students to check their competence level in that specific language, so as to be able to follow lectures and sit for exams. Students may wish to refer to the online self-assessment tool, so as to gauge their language competence. The European Level- Self Assessment Grid below is being provided for ease of reference .

It is recommended to obtain an overview of the programme of study available at the universities of your choice to evaluate whether the course programme would fit with the programme of studies at the University of Malta.

Students are encouraged to evaluate their choices well and to be open to the possibility that they might not necessarily be placed according to their first and second preference.

Erasmus+ Application Forms are to be submitted as from 11 October 2018.


Last Updated: 10 October 2018

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