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Academic Year 2019/20

UG:  Undergraduate     PG:  Post-graduate     D:  Doctoral
Numbers in brackets indicate the number of placements available in that university for the specific area of study

University of Innsbruck, Austria
Subject Area: Chemistry (2 UG, 2 PG)

Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
Subject Area: Statistics & Operation Research (1 UG)

University of Defence, Czech Republic
Subject Area: Statistics and Operations Research (2 UG/PG/D)

Eberhard Karls Universitat Tubingen, Germany
Subject Area: Chemistry (2 UG/PG) 

Friedrich Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany
Subject Area: Chemistry (1 UG/PG)

Fachhochschule Munster, Germany 
Subject Area: Chemistry (2 UG/PG) 

HAWK Hochschule, Germany 
Subject Area: Physics (2 UG) 

Universitat Duisburg-Essen, Germany 
Subject Area: Mathematics (2 PG) 

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Subject Area: Physics (2 UG/PG)

University of Pannonia, Greece
Subject Area: Mathematics and Statistics (2 D)

National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
Subject Area: Mathematics (2 UG)

Universita' di Camerino, Italy
Subject Area: Chemistry (2 UG)

Universita' di Catania, Italy

Subject Area: Physics (2 PG/D - traineeships)

Universita' degli studi di Messina, Italy
Subject Area: Physics (2 UG/PG/D), Geosciences (2 D)

Universita' degli studi di Firenze, Italy 
Subject Area: Mathematics (2 UG), Biology (2 UG)

Universita' di Parma, Italy
Subject Area: Physics (2 UG/PG)

Universita' degli studi di Pavia, Italy
Subject Area: Physics (2 PG) 

Universita' degli studi G. d'Annunzio Chieti, Pescara, Italy
Subject Area: Geosciences/Geology/Geophysics (2 UG/PG/D) 

Università degli studi di Perugia, Italy
Subject Area: Chemistry (2 UG), Mathematics (2 UG)

Universita' Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, Italy
Subject Area: Physics (2 PG/D - studies, 2 PG/D - traineeships)

Universita' degli studi di Salerno, Italy
Subject Area: Mathematics (2 UG/PG/D)

Vilnius University, Lithuania
Subject Area: Chemistry (2 UG), Physics (2 UG/PG/D)

Gdansk University of Technology, Poland
Subject Area: Chemistry (2 UG), Natural Science (3 PG/D)

University of Gdansk, Poland
Subject Area: Chemistry (4 UG/PG/D - Studies, 2 UG/PG/D - Traineeships) 

University of Zielona Gora, Poland
Subject Area: Physical Science (2 UG/PG/D)

Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal 
Subject Area: Physics and Physics Education (2 PG) 

Universidad de Valladolid, Spain
Subject Area: Physics (2 UG/PG) 

Newcastle University, UK
Subject Area: Chemistry (2 UG/PG/D) - Student Mobility for Studies  

Oxford Brookes University, UK
Subject Area: Mathematics (1 UG) - only accept full year students 

University of Coventry, UK 
Subject Area: Mathematics (2 UG)

University of Warwick, UK
Subject Area: Mathematics (2 UG/PG) - only accept full year students 




Last Updated: 9 January 2019

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