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Students are better able to realise their academic potential and fully integrate into our University system, when a socially supportive environment is provided. Students have at their disposal a wide variety of services designed to support them during their stay. Your first point of reference should be the International Office. Your key contact points will be made known to you upon arrival. 

Contact details of International Office staff are available here.  

The University of Malta has drawn up guidelines that should help students if they find themselves in distress. These guidelines are handed out during Orientation but are also available for download here. (Access to registered students only.)  



Some useful links (on-campus facilities):

Counselling Services
Access (Disability Support Unit)
Students Advisory Services
Gender Issues Committee 
Student Organisations 
University of Malta Regulations to govern the exercise of discipline 
Culture and Sports
Sexual Harassment Policy
Harassment and Bullying Policy 



National Support Services: 

Title of organisationType of supportTel. No:
Emergency Ambulance, Fire, Police112
Support Line

Supportline 179 is the national helpline offering support, information about local social welfare services and other agencies, and a referral service to callers who require support. It is also a national service to people who are in times of difficulty or crisis.The primary mission of the Supportline 179 service is to provide, immediate and unbiased help to those seeking information, support and/or require a referral to social service agencies.

Malta Police Force
2133 4001-7
Mater Dei HospitalMater Dei Hospital is a general teaching hospital offering a full range of hospital services. It also provides an extensive range of specialist services.2545 0000
APPOGGAġenzija Appoġġ, as the National Agency for children, families and the community, safeguards and promotes the well-being of these persons through the development and provision of psycho-social welfare services.2295 9000
SedqaSedqa is a national service mandated to plan and recommend developments and updates to the National Policy in the field of drug and alcohol abuse and compulsive gambling, and to provide service in health promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation to persons with drug and/or alcohol problems and other similar conditions, and to their families, so as to help them live a stable life and to integrate better in society.2388 5110
CaritasFull list of services offered available here.2590 6600
Mount Carmel HospitalMount Carmel Hospital aims to promote mental health by assisting persons with mental health problems who require specialist treatment and care, as well as providing support for their social network. It provides, through specialist multi -disciplinary teams, a comprehensive and integrated range of community and hospital mental health services.

2141 5183 or

2330 4301/4023  

Psychiatric Unit (Mater Dei Hospital) 

2545 6920/1
GU (Genitourinary Clinic) (Mater Dei Hospital)
Diagnosis and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections -Counselling and testing for HIV and other genital conditions not necessarily sexually acquired.2298 7115
Mental Health ClinicsFloriana Health Centre.21220454



Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Summer School

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China is inviting the students at the University of Malta to participate in their Summer School with two full scholarships available.

For more information please click here.

For admission information at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine please click here

Last Updated: 3 March 2017

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