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Well in advance of their departure, the students selected to go on exchange have to consult with their Head of department/Dean/Director with regards to the study-units they will be following abroad, so that the credits undertaken at the host University can be transferred to their programme of studies at the University of Malta. Prior to their departure, students must sign their learning agreement and complete their programme of studies for the full year, and submit it to the International & EU Office.

Students cannot participate in the exchange programme unless the Faculty/Institute/Centre approves the student’s programme of studies at the host institution.

These forms are available here:

If students need to change any study-units from the originally proposed learning agreement, while they are at their host University, they are required to fill in the form underneath as early possible and email it to:
Students have to be in touch with an academic advisor from the University of Malta, and obtain approval, prior to making these changes.

The results published by the host University can be transferred to the student’s transcript as indicated on the learning agreement and as approved by the student’s home Faculty. 

Should students opt for Universities where they would not be able to pursue study-units that can be transferred to their own course, students would need to submit their Faculty’s approval to take a year or semester of suspension of studies.

Documents to submit prior to your departure

Please ensure that you submit all documents to the International & EU Office and the Faculty prior to your departure.

The following documents should be submitted to the Faculties/Institutes for signatures.  

• Learning Agreement 
• Programme of studies
The learning agreement has to be signed by the exchange coordinator at the International & EU Office as well. The student must then send a signed scanned copy to the host University for their signature. A copy of the Learning agreement signed by both ends should then be sent to the International & EU Office by not later than the 30th May.

Last Updated: 1 November 2016

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