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We encourage you to stay in touch during your stay abroad and to contact us immediately if you experience difficulties of an academic or social nature or need any form of assistance. 

Please do provide us with your contact number and address abroad and continue communicating with us through your University of Malta e-mail address. It is important to check your University of Malta e-mail regularly. This is the only address we will use to contact you with updates throughout the year.

Remember to notify the Maltese Embassy or High Commission in the country where you are staying and provide them with your contact details. They might need to get in touch with you in the case of an emergency. 

Familiarise yourself with the campus and university and visit their facilities and services. Do your utmost to join in student organizations, attend events and strike up friendships with local and other international students. 

Make sure you familiarize yourself well with the location you are staying in and keep safety as the number 1 factor at all times. Try not to travel on your own and through areas which may be designated as less safe. Keep valuables locked and only allow people you already know to visit the place where you are residing. Keep a friend notified regarding your whereabouts and keep contact numbers handy in case of an emergency. 

Dealing with Culture shock:

Living in an environment which is culturally different from what you are used to at home is exciting, but it can also be disorientating and may make you feel emotionally and even physically unwell at times.  This experience is called "culture shock".  Feelings of culture shock are experienced by many people as they get used to living in a new cultural environment.  Some typical causes of culture shock are differences in: personal freedom, privacy, accommodation, relationships between people, the way people dress and act in public, and learning and teaching styles.

Being able to share experiences with friends can help you cope with culture shock so for health reasons make sure you spend at least some time socialising, even if you are very busy with your studies.  Your host university can help you find out about social activities during your time abroad where you can have fun and meet like-minded people.  If you think you are experiencing culture shock ask for help. Most universities have qualified staff who will be able to help you and further information is usually available through the International.   

Last Updated: 1 November 2016

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