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There are two semesters per academic year.  Kindly click here to access the academic calendar for visiting students.

All study units are allotted ECTS credits, which describe the student workload required to complete them. (For more information on ECTS credits, kindly refer to page 32, schedule 2, by clicking here 

Study-units are assessed through assigned coursework, examinations, fieldwork, practical placements, etc., as described in the detailed study-unit description.

Students are expected to follow all practical classes assigned to study-units where applicable. When a student cannot attend lectures due to sickness, a medical certificate has to be handed in at the International Office, and the student has to inform the respective lecturer and departmental administrator. 

If students fail to complete the necessary requirements for the chosen study-unit they will not obtain a grade for that particular study-unit. Students who do not sit for their examinations or fail to submit assignments on time (without a justifiable reason) shall get a fail on their transcripts.

Grades are assigned between A+ (top mark) to F (failure).   The grades which can be obtained when a student passes a study-unit are A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D+ and D.  For more information about the University of Malta’s grading system, kindly refer to the section titled ‘Assessment’ pages 15-16, by clicking here

All visiting students will register online through eSIMS (, once they arrive in Malta, and must check that they have accurate online records. Students are to comply strictly with the closing dates to register online and submitting the add/drop form (for adding/dropping study-units after the initial online registration period).

Students have to prove that they are competent in the subject area, to be able to register for any study-units (Students might be asked to sit for a test before registering for certain study-units).

You may find more information on all of our Faculties/Institutes/Centres/School by clicking here 

Information on classes can be found by clicking here 

Number of classes a student can follow per semester:  Visiting students may register for a minimum of 8 ECTS and maximum of 30 ECTS per semester.  30 ECTS is a full load at the University of Malta.  Students need to consult with their home University well in advance of their arrival in Malta about the number of ECTS and classes they would need to register for.

Last Updated: 3 March 2017

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