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Final report 2017 LIND 



Name of Project: LIND - leadership - intelligence- diversity

Project Number: 2014-1-AT1-KA204-000938


The aim of the project is to develop a concept and training-frame for “authentic” and “inclusive” leadership. What does it mean and how can it be trained taking the strengths of each participant into account.
Main topics: Leadership – Multiple Intelligences (Howard Gardner) – gender & cultural diversity
How do you lead inclusively in a diverse world taking into account one’s strengths? (building on MI of Gardner)

-To explore the topic of “authentic” and “inclusive” leadership
-To develop an innovative tested Leadership approach and make it relevant for adult education
-To develop a new leadership training including innovative tools, which supports authentic and inclusive leadership
-To discuss what Multiple Intelligences means in relation to gender and cultural diversity and see  how this can be included  in a new leadership approach
-To build on the knowledge of MILD (previous Grundtvig-Project) and develop the concept of “Multiple Intelligences as a resource of leadership development” further with new partners
-To do a desk-top research on authentic and inclusive leadership, gender and cultural diversity and Multiple Intelligences in the partner countries involved

-Develop a common approach of “authentic” and “inclusive” leadership (strengths based leadership) incl. gender and diversity & MI
-Research in each country on authentic and inclusive leadership
-Paper on authentic and inclusive leadership approach developed and written
-Translate  the paper with the new leadership approach from English to German and Italian (alp, Kamaleonte)

-Alp – activate leadership potential/Austria ( Irene/ Paola
-University of Malta- Institute for PE and Sport  ( - Lara
-Kamaleonte – outdoor and experiential learning/Italy ( – Angelica/ Daria
-Eolas Soileir – Ireland – Diedre/ Jack

B.Sc. (Hons) in Sport and Physical Activity
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An interesting set of seminars held at IPES.  Great opportunity for everyone to learn !
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