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Final report 2017 LIND 



Name of Project: LIND - leadership - intelligence- diversity

Project Number: 2014-1-AT1-KA204-000938


The aim of the project is to develop a concept and training-frame for “authentic” and “inclusive” leadership. What does it mean and how can it be trained taking the strengths of each participant into account.
Main topics: Leadership – Multiple Intelligences (Howard Gardner) – gender & cultural diversity
How do you lead inclusively in a diverse world taking into account one’s strengths? (building on MI of Gardner)

-To explore the topic of “authentic” and “inclusive” leadership
-To develop an innovative tested Leadership approach and make it relevant for adult education
-To develop a new leadership training including innovative tools, which supports authentic and inclusive leadership
-To discuss what Multiple Intelligences means in relation to gender and cultural diversity and see  how this can be included  in a new leadership approach
-To build on the knowledge of MILD (previous Grundtvig-Project) and develop the concept of “Multiple Intelligences as a resource of leadership development” further with new partners
-To do a desk-top research on authentic and inclusive leadership, gender and cultural diversity and Multiple Intelligences in the partner countries involved

-Develop a common approach of “authentic” and “inclusive” leadership (strengths based leadership) incl. gender and diversity & MI
-Research in each country on authentic and inclusive leadership
-Paper on authentic and inclusive leadership approach developed and written
-Translate  the paper with the new leadership approach from English to German and Italian (alp, Kamaleonte)

-Alp – activate leadership potential/Austria ( Irene/ Paola
-University of Malta- Institute for PE and Sport  ( - Lara
-Kamaleonte – outdoor and experiential learning/Italy ( – Angelica/ Daria
-Eolas Soileir – Ireland – Diedre/ Jack

B.Sc. (Hons) in Sport and Physical Activity
Information for Prospective Students (October 2019 Intake) 
Certificate in Sport Administration & Management
Now Launched Certificate in Sport Administration and Management 2019 
Foundations of Coaching
Now launched Foundations of Coaching October 2019
An interesting set of seminars held at IPES.  Great opportunity for everyone to learn !
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