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First Privately-Owned PV Grid-Connected System
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Malta's First Privately-Owned Solar Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Systems

Charles Yousif

The first residential 1.5 kWp system was installed in May 2002 at Madliena, as shown in Figure 1. This solar PV system supplies about 25% of the electric requirements of the garden, mainly consumed by the pumps of the swimming pool.

The owner, who is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Malta Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies Association (M.E.E.R.E.A.), has set on converting the garden into an environmentally friendly haven by the use of solar water heating for the swimming pool and water ionisation rather than chlorination for keeping the water clean. Moreover, the garden completely depends on organic farming techniques and natural methods for controlling pests. The solar photovoltaic system has blended well in this environment since it was aesthetically placed along the drive.

pv system 

Figure 1: The first 1.5 kWp privately owned residential solar photovoltaic grid-connected system installed in May 2002, Madliena, Malta.

The first industrial 3 kW PV system was installed at Baxter Ltd, in August 2002 as shown in Figure 2.

 pv syst

Figure 2: Malta’s first and currently largest grid-tied solar PV system in an industrial area.

Baxter’s Head of Maintenance and his team are also members of M.E.E.R.E.A.

In both cases, the Institute took leading roles in realizing these two projects from the moment of inception to commissioning. Monitoring and data analysis for both systems will be carried out for at least two years, according to the recommendation of the European Joint Research Centre – Ispra Establishment. For further details contact Mr Charles Yousif

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