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  •      Solar Water Heating Systems Under the Lens (Dec. 2004) by R.N. Farrugia, M. Fsadni and C. Yousif

  •     It's in the Breeze - Assessing Malta's Potential for Wind Power Generation, by Ing. Robert N. Farrugia (Jan. 2003)

  •      Towards a Solar Powered Era, by Charles Iskander Yousif (Jan. 2003)

  •      Renewable Energy in Malta: Where is it?, by Charles Iskander Yousif (May 2002)

  •      Wind Power and the Local Wind Potential, by Ing. Robert N. Farrugia (Apr 2000)

  •      Working with Wind Power Towards a Sustainable Energy Future: The JMU Experience, by Ing. Robert N. Farrugia, (June 1999)

  •      Rooftop Grid-connected Solar Photovoltaic Systems Economically Feasible by the Year 2010, by Charles Iskander Yousif, (June 1999)

  •      The Energy Training Status of Malta, by Edward Scerri, (December 1998)

  •      Solar Energy to the Rescue, by Edward Scerri, (June 1998)

  •      Are the Maltese Islands...Windy? by Robert N. Farrugia,  (April 1998)

  •      Basic Education in Energy Technology by Ing. Robert N. Farrugia, (April 1998)

  •      Photovoltaics: What, Where, Who....?!! by Charles Iskander Yousif, (March 1998)

  •      Solar Radiation Measurement in Malta: Is it Up to Date? by Charles Iskander Yousif, (March 1998)

Training Courses in Renewable Energy

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Refresher Courses in Renewable Energy
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May - June 2018 Exams time table
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MSc time tables for semester 1
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Jan - Feb 2018 Exams
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Solar Heating Technical Visits
The Institute for Sustainable Energy is offering technical inspection of installed domestic solar water heating systems. 

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