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  •      Solar Water Heating Systems Under the Lens (Dec. 2004) by R.N. Farrugia, M. Fsadni and C. Yousif

  •     It's in the Breeze - Assessing Malta's Potential for Wind Power Generation, by Ing. Robert N. Farrugia (Jan. 2003)

  •      Towards a Solar Powered Era, by Charles Iskander Yousif (Jan. 2003)

  •      Renewable Energy in Malta: Where is it?, by Charles Iskander Yousif (May 2002)

  •      Wind Power and the Local Wind Potential, by Ing. Robert N. Farrugia (Apr 2000)

  •      Working with Wind Power Towards a Sustainable Energy Future: The JMU Experience, by Ing. Robert N. Farrugia, (June 1999)

  •      Rooftop Grid-connected Solar Photovoltaic Systems Economically Feasible by the Year 2010, by Charles Iskander Yousif, (June 1999)

  •      The Energy Training Status of Malta, by Edward Scerri, (December 1998)

  •      Solar Energy to the Rescue, by Edward Scerri, (June 1998)

  •      Are the Maltese Islands...Windy? by Robert N. Farrugia,  (April 1998)

  •      Basic Education in Energy Technology by Ing. Robert N. Farrugia, (April 1998)

  •      Photovoltaics: What, Where, Who....?!! by Charles Iskander Yousif, (March 1998)

  •      Solar Radiation Measurement in Malta: Is it Up to Date? by Charles Iskander Yousif, (March 1998)

Refresher Courses in Renewable Energy
More information here.

MSc time tables for semester 1
More information is found here.

ThermHCB Project
2012 MCST R&I Programme.

Training Courses in Renewable Energy

Please click here for more information.

Solar Heating Technical Visits
The Institute for Sustainable Energy is offering technical inspection of installed domestic solar water heating systems. 

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