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Diploma in Gozo Studies

The University of Malta, through the Islands and Small States Institute, will be offering a course leading to the Diploma in Gozo Studies starting in October 2016 at the University Gozo Campus.

This diploma course is spread over two years of part-time study. Lecture sessions will be held at the University Gozo Campus, normally on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. This course covers a variety of topics related to Gozo, including economic development, doing business in Gozo, visual arts and music in Gozo, the physical environment, history, governance, culture and dialects.

On completion of this diploma course, students would acquire a sound knowledge of past and present realities relating to Gozo and to understand the special constraints and opportunities faced by this small island. Students would be able to link theoretical analysis to real world situations associated with the various disciplines involved in the course. Graduates will find such skills useful for career improvement and for personal development.

Admission to the diploma is open for candidates that satisfy the general Admission Regulations of the University. Admission of mature applicants (i.e. those who will be 23 years old by the beginning of the course ) will be considered case-by-case, so as to ascertain that the applicant can follow the course with profit.

Course details can be accessed here.

Online applications can be accessed from here or here.

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