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The Course leading to the Master of Arts in Islands and Small States Studies is spread over two years of part-time study. Lecture sessions are normally held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Tal-Qroqq Campus and on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings at the Gozo Campus.

Structure of the Course leading to the MA (ISSS)

Total credits assigned to the course
A student following the MA(ISSS) will be expected to follow study units to which 90 ECTS are assigned as follows:
    - A major area of study (40 ECTS - about 240 taught contact hours)
    - A minor area of study (16 ECTS - about 96 taught contact hours)
    - A research methodology course (4 ECTS - about 24 taught contact hours)
    - Writing of a dissertation under supervision (30 ECTS - by research)

Areas of study
Two areas of study are currently offered as part of the Masters in Islands and Small States studies - MA(ISSS) 
  1. Environmental Studies (Click here to view study units forming part of this major area)
  2. Economics Studies (Click here to view study units forming part of this major area)

Assessment for a particular  taught study unit will consist of:
   - a written examination to which 70% weight will be assigned; and
   - course work to which a 30% weight will be assigned.

Programme for 2017 and 2018
To view details about the programme for 2017 & 2018 please click here

Further information is available from here

Annual Reports

The Islands and Small States Institute Annual Report

Last Updated: 20 June 2017

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