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The course is intended to give students a broad general understanding of astrophysics from the study of exotic stars to the dynamics of galactic motion. Depending on the particular project assigned, students will use problem solving techniques from both the computational as well as the theoretical physics domain to untangle the intricacies of open problems in the astrophysical community. Astrophysics is defined as the study of astronomical systems such as stars, gas clouds, galaxies and their clusters and so on however the modelling of such systems can be brought about by a number of avenues extending from theoretical to computational techniques. In this way the astrophysics programme is open to a broad student background. Students can apply the skills they learned in their undergraduate degree as well as complementing it with further studies within the degree. Together with the application to astrophysics component this gives a much more comprehensive programme.


Nowadays, industry demanding higher and higher qualifications for the most interesting jobs. This masters takes the skillset students already have and completes it with further technical abilities as well as giving each student concrete problems on which to apply their newly acquired technical abilities.

(Prospective students should get in touch with a member of the institute who can supervise their dissertation during this MSc course)

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This course is a recognised qualification under the Get Qualified Scheme. Get Qualified Logo

Members of ISSA join the KiDS Consortium
Members of ISSA, in collaboration with the Department of Physics, has recently joined the KiDS Consortium
University of Malta Awarded Title: 'CUDA Research Center'
The Institute of Space Science and Astronomy (ISSA), in collaboration with the University of Malta’s Department of Physics and the Faculty of Information and Communications Technology, announces that the University of Malta has been awarded the title of 'CUDA Research Center' by NVIDIA.
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