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Research Officer III

Room 204, Mathematics and Physics Building


My research mainly lies in developing algorithm and application frameworks to process high-bandwidth, real-time radio telescope data, with special emphasis on transient detection both in beamformed data and radio images. I specialise in the use of hybrid GPU-CPU systems to accomplish this task.


A GPU-based survey for millisecond radio transients using ARTEMIS. Armour, W., Karastergiou, A., Giles, M., Williams, C., Magro, A., Zagkouris, K., Roberts, S., Salvini, S., Dulwich, F. and Mort, B. Proceedings of ADASS XXI, ASP Conf. Ser. 2011.

Mulitbeam GPU Transient Pipeline for the Medicina BEST-2 Array. Magro, A., Hickish, J., Zarb-Adami, K. 2013. Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation 2.

Implementation of a Direct Imaging and FX Correlator for the BEST-2 Array. Foster, G., Hickish, J., Magro, A., Price, D., Zarb-Adami, K. Submitted to Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Real-time, fast radio transient searches with GPU de-dispersion. Magro, A., Karastergiou, A., Salvini, S., Mort, B., Dulwich, F., Zarb Adami K. 2011
(Online: 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2011.19426.x; Pre-print: arXiv:1107.2516v1)

Software Packages:

MDSM: A generic, GPU-based, real-time transient search pipeline (with dedispersion and periodicity search)


Members of ISSA join the KiDS Consortium
Members of ISSA, in collaboration with the Department of Physics, has recently joined the KiDS Consortium
University of Malta Awarded Title: 'CUDA Research Center'
The Institute of Space Science and Astronomy (ISSA), in collaboration with the University of Malta’s Department of Physics and the Faculty of Information and Communications Technology, announces that the University of Malta has been awarded the title of 'CUDA Research Center' by NVIDIA.
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