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Eman Omar Farhat
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Eman Farhat 


PhD student

Room 204, Mathematics and Physics Building


Interested in developing and designing self-deploying antennas for an aperture synthesis Radio-telescope, covering designs of ultra-wideband CMOS LNAs for such applications.



A Simple Form for the Ground State Rotational Band of even-even Actinide nuclei. Al-Nawah vol 9 / No. 14 (2010).

Ultra-Wideband Tightly Coupled Phased Array Antenna for Low Frequency Radio Telescope, Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium Proceedings, Stockholm, Sweden, pp.245-49, 12-15 AUG. 201.

Ultra-wideband tightly coupled fractal octagonal phased array antenna in Ultra-wideband tightly coupled fractal octagonal phased array antenna, in Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications, (ICEAA), 2013 International Conference on, Sept 2013, pp. 140-144.

Aperture arrays for radio astronomy, in Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications (ICEAA), 2014 International Conference on, pp.185-190.

Members of ISSA join the KiDS Consortium
Members of ISSA, in collaboration with the Department of Physics, has recently joined the KiDS Consortium
University of Malta Awarded Title: 'CUDA Research Center'
The Institute of Space Science and Astronomy (ISSA), in collaboration with the University of Malta’s Department of Physics and the Faculty of Information and Communications Technology, announces that the University of Malta has been awarded the title of 'CUDA Research Center' by NVIDIA.
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