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Research in the Institute

The Institute is conducting research in a number of very interesting fields ranging from Pulsar timing to Black Hole research; more technical information can be found in the Research section of the website.

Public Outreach

  • 28th -31st October 2014 - High Performance Signal Processing
  • 24th September 2014 - Inauguration of ISSA and "The Big Bang Theory" 
  • 24-26th September 2014 - "Cosmos in the Med"
  • On 17th March 2011 we gave public outreach talks during the University of Malta Open Week entitled "Astrophysics, Cosmology and the Story of the Universe". 
  • On 22nd March 2011 a talk "Exoplanets, a fantastic new domain in Astronomy" by Professor Pierre Léna was given in collaboration with members form the institute.


Members of ISSA join the KiDS Consortium
Members of ISSA, in collaboration with the Department of Physics, has recently joined the KiDS Consortium
University of Malta Awarded Title: 'CUDA Research Center'
The Institute of Space Science and Astronomy (ISSA), in collaboration with the University of Malta’s Department of Physics and the Faculty of Information and Communications Technology, announces that the University of Malta has been awarded the title of 'CUDA Research Center' by NVIDIA.
Last Updated: 7 November 2014

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